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We are wild creatures that have become wrapped up in our to-do lists. We push ourselves to reach our goals no matter the cost. We have forgotten the earth’s rhythm that we once looked to for guidance and support.

Through integrating astrology with depth psychology, Soul Care Astrology is a person-centered approach aimed to empower. For too long, we’ve looked to answers outside of ourselves, believing that someone else knows what’s best for us. This belief has led us to be overworked, overstimulated, and disconnected from our wild selves.

Even if you can’t quite see it yet, I know you feel this: You have a well of magic inside you waiting to be tapped. When you are able to acknowledge this, you begin to step into your power. 

Whether you are searching for tools to guide you in your everyday life or a mentor to work with through the lunar cycle, I am here to support you.

New to your soul-care journey? Start here.

These offerings and channeled meditations are here to support you as you begin to explore the expansive world of soul-care astrology. The lunar cycle is one of our greatest tools for bringing our plans and dreams to life! Whether you are ready to align your actions with the moon, set focused intentions, or are looking for a meditation to find clarity, these offerings can guide you on your path.

Ready to deepen your relationship to your intuition? Explore these.

If you know the basics of astrology and have a familiar relationship with your intuition, then these offerings will support you in expanding your knowledge and trust in the universe and yourself. . These tools will guide you to connect with your soul on an even deeper level and use your inner wisdom to create your dreams and intentions on the physical plane.

Eager to step fully into your power? Unleash your highest potential.

There’s no doubt, immense healing happens within the container of your individual body, mind, and spirit. However, that healing is magnified when done and witnessed in the safe and supportive space of a like-hearted community. If you are eager to be fully seen in your evolution, I invite you to join my free Soul Care Community.


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