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Your guide through the forest path of your soul

Hi, I’m Sara (she/her)!

Think of me as your cosmic guide to finding your path through the forest of your soul. I believe that astrology is more than knowing what's coming our way; it's a tool for slowing down, aligning with the wheel of the year, and, most importantly, uncovering more about who we are.

I’ve spent years weaving my background in psychology with astrology to create Soul Care Astrology, a unique framework of self-care that
combines the wisdom of your intuition with the moon and stars. ⁠

We journey through the lens of both somatic therapy and your birth
chart, learning more about who you are and what shifts you’d like to
create in your life. Together we brew a cosmic alchemy that allows you
to reclaim your birthright as a steward of your soul’s care. The ability to harness the magic of the universe to connect to your inner sense of

Curious? Join me on the path to your soul discovery. The stars are waiting for you.

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