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What’s Your Moon Phase Personality?

What's Your Moon Phase Personality? You may have seen me talk about the moon phases and how they are good for specific actions, or how the zodiac signs flavor how the moon feels each day, like a Moon in Aries is impulsive, but a Moon in Libra wants beauty and peace....

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The Moon Phases as Seasons

If you do any work with the moon phases, you probably know that the Waxing Moon (light increasing) is seen as a time for attracting or calling in energies, and the Waning Moon (light decreasing) is seen as a time for releasing and banishing. The New Moon (when the...

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April 2018 Moon Forecast

April 2018 Moon Forecast We begin April smack dab in the middle of Mercury retrograde in Aries, so things may be a little tense and fiery. There aren't many planets in air signs right now, so communication just really isn't happening. So you'll want to pause and take...

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