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Into the Woods

Into the Woods Bella deLuna Astrology
Into the Woods is a 13-day guided journey to help you align your heart and soul. If you've been feeling tired, burned out, and the urge to run away to the woods, you're in the right place. 
Perhaps you feel like you’re lost in a sea of overwhelm. You’ve read the self-help books and maybe tried to meditate and quiet your mind, but it just ends up with you feeling frustrated. There is just SO much to-do and it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulder.
In this free course you will:

*Understand how look to astrology for guidance on what nourishes your nervous system through your natal Mercury 

*Discover what self-care most aligns with you with your natal Moon sign

*Cultivate daily pleasure with your natal Venus
*Get guidance on slowing down and recovering from burnout with somatic practices and grounding exercises


This free course includes: A audio guided meditation, card spreads, teachings, journal prompts, creative exercises, and more.



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Sara of Bella deLuna Astrology
Meet Sara - your cosmic guide to finding your path through the forest.

For years, I bought into the story that life was about getting things done.

One day it dawned on me that even though I was doing all the 'right' things and had all the 'correct' boxes marked in my life, I felt like something was missing. I was weary of productivity and overwhelmed by my to-do list. I craved connection and faith, over ladder-climbing, and crossing things off at the end of the day.

I wanted soul-centered guidance, instead of someone telling me how to get more done in my day.

And now my mission is to give you the tools to find that wise guidance of your own.

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