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Moon Phase Meditation Bundle

This bundle includes all four of my moon phase meditations at a discounted savings of 25%!

Included in the bundle:

New Moon Meditation
Created to help you tap into your feelings around your New Moon Intention, which helps you manifest your intention out into the world.

First Quarter Moon Meditation
Created to help give you the energy you need to take your action steps towards your New Moon intention.

Full Moon Meditation
Created to help you ground yourselfduring the intense time of the Full Moon and help you celebratewhat you have achieved.

Last Quarter Moon Meditation
Created to help you release, let go, and relax during the Last Quarter Moon so you can go inward and prepare for the upcoming lunar cycle.

Each guided meditation is approximately 10 minutes long and is delivered via a downloadable MP3.


What Your Purchase Supports

🌙 We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We use recycled material for our boxes and paper, our shrink wrap is plant-based, and we are a proud partner of 1% for the Planet, giving 1% of our annual sales to support environmental causes.

🌙 Your purchases support our awesome team of entrepreneurs supporting their families, as well as our local economy.


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