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Mercury Retrograde Magic

Mercury Retrograde Magic was created because if there is one thing I’m super passionate about, it’s dispelling the myth that Mercury Retrograde is bad, harmful, or negative.

In this self-guided course you will:

-Learn what a retrograde period is and how it acts as a magical portal

-Understand why there is so much media hype around Mercury Retrograde and what truth there is in all those messages

-Be inspired to create sacred space to cultivate your personal Mercury Retrograde magic

-Learn my pro astrologer tactics for co-creating with Mercury Retrograde, as well as how to read your birth chart to know what energy Mercury Retrograde is unearthing for you

-Develop a daily practice for deepening your relationship with your intuition

Course includes:

  • 8 videos with subtitles

  • Mercury Retrograde Guide PDF

  • A downloadable meditation for connecting with your intuition

  • Printable oracle cards to work with each day

Mercury Retrograde Magic teaches you how to look up and read your birth chart so you’ll know exactly how each Mercury Retrograde period will be impacting you!

This course is self-paced, so you can dive into it on your own schedule.