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Your Cosmic Year

Your Cosmic Year

Your Cosmic Year
Are you ready to map out your year ahead with soulful clarity?

Does planning the year ahead seem daunting or overwhelming? Do you feel unsure of where to start or stuck and unable to even begin?

Astrology can give us the guiding hand we need to approach our year ahead with clarity, wisdom, and insight, helping us break up our year into manageable bite sized pieces so we can do what we do best - make the magic happen!

Enroll today - we begin on January 8, 2022!

In Your Cosmic Year, you'll learn to:

⭐ Create a year-ahead cosmic reading for yourself

⭐ Understand the upcoming challenges and opportunities from the stars

⭐ Uncover your theme and word of the year

⭐ Set your intention for the year ahead

⭐ Learn how to set monthly intentions with astrology as your guide

Discover what each New and Full Moon of the year ahead has in store for you based on your birth chart


What You Get

Included in the course:

⭐ A one and a half-hour recording of the masterclass

⭐ A PDF download of the slides used in the masterclass

⭐ An 18 page PDF workbook that includes two versions of a lunar cycle tracker

⭐ A printable download of all the void moon dates for 2021


Your Cosmic Year

Early Bird Price of $111

Enroll today - we begin on January 8, 2022!



Hey there!

I’m Sara McCormick, your astrologer and guide through Planning with the Moon.

I am all about using astrology as a practical tool that lets us weave in more self-care throughout our days, so we can build our relationship with ourselves and have more bandwidth to tackle anything that life throws our way.

If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, stuck, and unsure of your next step, slowing down and listening to your intuition is key - and using the moon phases is the perfect first step.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase?

Immediately following your purchase, you will receive an email with a link to the class materials. You will also receive your workbook along with important links I mention during the masterclass. You can get started right away or save it to watch later.

What is your refund policy?

When you purchase Your Cosmic Year, you unlock the class video, workbook and all related materials. Since there is no way to return this product, no refunds will be issued.