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Are you ready to find your path?

The Pathfinding Journal can help you slow to slow down and hear your intuition directing you. With the stars, moon, sun, and trees acting as mile markers through your year, you can find your way and create your own map home. Let it hold your hand and be your guide as you walk the long and winding path back home to yourself.

This journal includes writing prompts for seasonal and astrological events, including the Seasons, Planetary Retrogrades, New and Full Moons, and Zodiac Seasons of the year.

As you move through these events in real-time, you're invited to reflect on the energy they bring up for you and how you feel, helping you uncover more layers about yourself and your deepest desires.

For days where there is no major astrological or seasonal event, there are blank journal pages with spaces for noting the moon phase and sign, the season, your tarot or oracle card of the day, and any sign or symbols that you came across. Over time, you'll begin to build a reference guide that helps you orient yourself on your path home.

The Pathfinding Journal is now on Kickstarter , with a limited number of early bird spots to snag a Pathfinding Journal for only $18. Get yours through the link below.

Do you know where your power comes from?

From knowing yourself.⁠

From being willing to dive deep into reflection and look at your actions
with honest clarity. But that sometimes seems a little daunting. And how do you even begin?⁠

You start by taking it slowly, step by step, with gently guiding questions around the movements of the sun, moon, and stars. ⁠

That is what The Pathfinding Journal is designed to do. With journal pages for New Moons, Full Moons, Seasons, Planetary Retrogrades, and
Zodiac Seasons, you embark on a journey to discover more about who you are and what your power, passion, and purpose is.⁠


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