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Soul Care Cottage

Soul Care Cottage

Imagine that you're walking through the woods, leaves crunching under your feet when you suddenly come across a cottage in a clearing. The stone cottage is surrounded by colorful flowers and you can see a vegetable bed poking out around the back of the house. There's a little shed with a horse and some chickens, and a cat napping in a warm beam of sunlight. 

This is the Soul Care Cottage.

You're welcomed inside by a friendly face and you pause just inside the wooden doorway to look around. There are groups of people gathered around various spots inside the cottage. Some are reading by the fire, while others are cutting up herbs in the kitchen. A trio is clustered around the dining table, looking at maps of stars and planets. There seems to be something for everyone here.

Discover the magic of self-care and astrology at the Soul Care Cottage! Dive into a world where you can gather, learn, and plan your days using the stars. This is THE place to explore not only astrology but also tarot, crystals, and herbs as part of your ultimate self-care toolkit. Are you ready for this life-changing journey?


What you get each month in the Soul Care Cottage

 As a highly valued member of The Cottage, you'll gain access to exclusive meditations, masterclasses, and more – ensuring your self-care and astrology journey is nothing short of transformative! And let's face it, who doesn't want their very own starry support system cheering them on each step of the way?

Each month, receive an in-depth overview of what's happening in the cosmos – all so YOU can develop deeper self-care routines that truly align with your soul. Say goodbye to stressing over when to schedule important meetings or vacations; we'll make sure you're armed with practical magic derived from daily astrological updates!

An example of the monthly zodiac season guidebook:
Taurus Season Cosmic Guidbook
Click here for a flip through of a past guidebook.

Our enchanting membership includes: Weekly astrological updates (including void moons), monthly astrological overviews, zodiac season guidebooks brimming with insights and horoscopes, detailed info about New & Full Moons plus planetary retrogrades, exclusive real-time astro wisdom complete with journal prompts, affirmations, ritual ideas, AND self-care secrets like somatic exercises, meditations, and herbal recipes. Whew! That's a whole lot of celestial goodness headed your way - are you excited yet?!

Join us now at the Soul Care Cottage and unlock the power of astrology-infused self-care. There's no better time than the present to start living your most magical and intentional life!

The Soul Care Cottage is a monthly subscription. It is $5 a month. You can cancel at anytime.

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