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North Star

Are you ready to find your North Star?

You feel like you’ve done all the ‘right’ things and that you have all the boxes checked that you are ‘supposed’ to but something still feels missing. You feel incomplete or unsatisfied. You long for guidance as you navigate your way forward.

You feel a deep longing to…

*Slow down and find the rhythm that works for you, ending the cycle of overachieving and then burning out once and for all

*Cultivate magical daily rituals that nourish and ground you

*Weave self-care seamlessly throughout your week

*Develop a practice of listening to your intuition, so you can fearlessly carve out your own pathway

    But right now, you feel like you’re lost in a sea of overwhelm. You’ve read the self-help books and maybe tried to meditate and quiet your mind, but it just ends up with you feeling frustrated and like you will always feel like this… like there must be something more, something missing.

    The truth is there is something missing… you.

    Our society is build on the backbone of productivity. Of shunning your inner voice and intuition in favor of ladder-climbing and goal reaching. And at the end of the day, no matter our success or accolades, no matter the checkboxes we’ve marked off, we still feel this deep longing that we cannot name. I’m here to tell you that what is missing is your connection to yourself.

    You are being called to turn away from the clearly marked paved roads that society has mapped out for you and instead travel down the unseen forest path.

    Meet Sara - your cosmic guide to finding your path through the forest.

    For years, I bought into the story that life was about getting things done.

    One day it dawned on me that even though I was doing all the 'right' things and had all the 'correct' boxes marked in my life, I felt like something was missing. I was weary of productivity and overwhelmed by my to-do list. I craved connection and faith, over ladder-climbing, and crossing things off at the end of the day.

    I wanted soul-centered guidance, instead of someone telling me how to get more done in my day.

    And now my mission is to give you the tools to find that wise guidance of your own.

    North Star Module Overview

    A six-week journey through the forest path of our souls, where we rediscover who we are and reconnect with our divine inner guidance.

    Week 1: Divine Rest & Dreaming// Making space for rest, recovering from burnout, and nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. Reconnecting with the wheel of the year and the active and rest cycles in nature in order to find the permission you seek to slow down and rest.

    • Tools for resetting the nervous system like somatic and grounding exercises

    • An intro to the rest / active cycle

    Week 2: Gathering the Bones// Discovering yourself as you learn more about your Sun and Rising sign. Diving deeper into the structure of the birth chart for guidance on turning within and discern where you may have energy leaks, self-sabotaging behavior, or simply need more structure in your routine.

    • The birth chart, symbols, signs, and houses

    • Getting in touch with your soul through your natal Sun and Rising Sign

    Week 3: Healing the Heart // Reconnecting with your emotions, intuition, and pleasure through your natal moon and venus signs. Learning to stop censoring and judging your inner self that wants to dream and dream big. 

    • Using astrology to discover what self-care most aligns with you with your natal Moon sign

    • Cultivating daily pleasure with your natal Venus

    Week 4: Uncover your Song // Finding and using your voice as you follow your joy, and using supportive tools like oracle and tarot cards for additional guidance as you move through your life.

    • Looking to astrology for guidance on how you communicate and what nourishes your nervous system through your natal Mercury 

    • Integrating tools into your daily routines to help you hear your intuition

    Week 5: Shining your Light // Cultivating your long-term vision of your path and sharing your light with the world. Now that you know who you are, it’s time to shift the focus on what you are being called to do with your inner light.

    • Using astrology to discover your life’s purpose through your natal North Node

    • Making a plan for taking action and initiation your dreams with your natal Mars

    Week 6: Following the Guidepost // Looking at the outer, generational planets, for collective guidance as well as meeting your spirit guides. Pulling everything together using the tools you’ve learned and developed for following the guideposts on your own personal path forward.

    • Uncovering your vision with your natal Neptune and Pluto

    • How to grow and expand with your natal Jupiter

    • Getting to know your life lessons with your natal Saturn

    • How to navigate change with your natal Uranus

    Everything You’ll Receive


    Digital Workbooks
    Receive a digital workbook with each module that has been designed to help walk you through both the spiritual & practical work needed to discover your divine soul path.

    Private Group
    Get feedback, share ideas, and ask questions of the whole group anytime along the way. This group is through a private website, so no worries if you don’t have Facebook.

    After our 6 weeks is up, you’ll still have lifetime access to all the course materials.

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