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Lunar Rhythms

awaken your inner, everyday magic

Do you want to start working with the magic of the moon but aren’t sure where to start?

You’re craving more guidance in your life. You feel stuck and confused, unclear on which way to turn. You’re ready to reconnect with your own inner wisdom and move past hustle culture and the cycle of productivity and burnout you find yourself in again and again, but you want a comforting hand to guide you through the darkness.

The moon is that guide.

She is the lighthouse in the sky that guides us all.

By understanding the lunar cycle and how to work with it, you can connect with spirit on a deeper level, and begin to understand your own intuition and inner guidance.

The moon is how you can tap into the magic and rhythm of the universe, and into your own personal divine power.
Lunar Rhythms is a seven week course that will help you understand the rhythms and cycles of the moon, and learn how the moon is a mirror for your own inner self.

During this course You’ll:

  • Discover how to work with the Moon for cultivating more joy

  • Learn how to create a sense of peace and stability into your daily life using the lunar cycle

  • Understand how to call in more abundance and release negativity using the lunar energies

  • Learn what each zodiac sign brings to the table when the Moon moves through it

  • Discover void moons and power moon days

  • Learn how to use the moon like a pro astrologer, including how to make your own moon forecasts!

Who is this course for?

Anyone who yearns to awaken their own inner, everyday magic.

Lunar Rhythms is for you if you’re ready to…

✧ slow down and discover your own natural rhythms
✧ learn to hear your intuition with more clarity
✧ cultivate magic in your daily life
✧ discover more about who you are and what you want from life



In addition to the lessons in the core modules, you’ll also receive bonus content valued at $250:

✧ Digital journal for tracking your moods and intentions
✧ Guided meditations for each of the four main main moon phases
✧ A look at the deeper astrology including elements, qualities, and houses for working with the moon phases

Each week you’ll receive lessons that include videos and a workbook with journal prompts and correspondences for each moon phase, along with a meditation to help you tap into the energy of that part of the lunar cycle.

Lunar Rhythms