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Astrology Readings & Coaching

Planning with the Stars Astrology Reading
Do you wish you had a crystal ball to tell you when to launch that next book, take that trip, get married, or embark on any big life change? It may not be a crystal ball, but astrology can give you an overview of the energy at play on specific dates.

Electional astrology is a branch of astrology that looks at the alignments of the planets to determine when the cosmos best support you.

What you get:

  • a link to a pre-reading survey where you will give me the information about the event you're looking for dates for
  • a 30-minute video where I walk you through the dates the stars will give you a little cosmic boost
  • you will get a link to your reading via email within 2 weeks of purchase

Cost: $77 for 30-minutes

Click here to book your Planning with the Stars Reading.


Your Year of Soul Care

Do you wish you had an astrologer to help you plan your year ahead by the stars?

With this reading, you’ll get a breakdown of the next 12 months based on your personal astrology chart, so there’s no more worrying about what the stars have in store for you. It’s all at your fingertips so that you can use the cosmic energy to your advantage.

Your reading will include:

  • Each month's cosmic area of focus shows you what area of your life the stars are lending you extra support in! One month your focus may be your career, and the next, your family - your report will tell you what area to focus on.
  • Where the New and Full Moon of each month will impact you, perfect for helping you craft and set your New Moon intention each month.
  • How you might feel any planetary retrogrades or major transits and their impact, including the dates of impact and some soul care ideas for working with each retrograde energy instead of against it.
  • Additional insight into your year ahead using my Soul Care Oracle Cards

Please note you will need to know your time and place of birth for this reading.

What you get:

  • a written report with the above information
  • a 45-minute reading where I walk you through your report

Cost: $400 for 45-minutes

Click here to book your Year of Soul Care



Cosmic Soul Care Coaching

One of the things you can explore in your birth chart is what forms of self-care work best for you based on the cosmos at the time of your birth. Book a 1-hour online coaching session where we blend astrology, self-care, somatic and grounding exercises, breathwork, and so much more into a personalized self-careplan.

Your session will include:

  • Areas in your birth chart that speak to your framework of self-care, self-love, and nurturing
  • How you can use those areas to deepen your relationship with yourself
  • Tips and tricks for your self-care toolbox for growing a nurturing relationship with yourself and how you feel

Please note you will need to know your time and place of birth for this coaching session.

Cost: $500 for a 1-hour session

Click here to book your Soul Care Coaching Session.