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Astrology Dice

How to use astrology dice
Your astrology dice set includes 3 dice, each with 12 sides. The dice are for the zodiac signs, the houses, and the ruling planets.
When using your dice, ask an open-ended question (not a yes/no question), and read the dice as you would read a story, with the planet die first, then the house, and finally the zodiac sign.
The Ruling Planets
☉ Sun: Your ego, stamina, pride, identity, individuality
☾ Moon: Your emotions, subconscious, inner child, intuition
☿ Mercury: Your communication, mental processes, information
♀ Venus: Your values, love, financials, pleasure, art, pleasure
♂ Mars: Your aggression, action, energy, self-assertion, leadership
♃ Jupiter: Your abundance, growth, luck, optimism, gratitude
♄ Saturn: Your structure, discipline, foundations, responsibility
♅ Uranus: Your innovation, openness, change, unpredictability
♆ Neptune: Your dreams, imagination, inspiration, spirituality
♇ Pluto: Your power, transformation, evolution, occult, deep fears
☊ North Node: Life lessons, soul purpose, fate, path toward fulfillment
☋ South Node: Karmic lessons, self-introspection, fears to overcome

The Houses
1 First House: The self, appearance, individuality, the body, first impressions
2 Second House: Values, finances, self-worth and self-esteem, material desires
3 Third House: Siblings, peers, short travel, communication, the mind, neighbors
4 Fourth House: Home, family, roots, foundations, parents, guardians, ancestry
5 Fifth House: Creativity, passion, play, hobbies, romance, drama, dating, childing
6 Sixth House: Health, wellness, daily routines, pets, work habits, organization, fitness
7 Seventh House: Relationships, marriage, equality, business contracts
8 Eight House: Death, transformation, occult, taxes, debts, sex, intimacy, mystery
9 Ninth House: Adventure, travel, religion, higher education, philosophy, culture
10 Tenth House: Career, success, fortune, public reputation, status, fame
11 Eleventh House: Groups, friends, community, hopes and wishes, humanitarianism
12 Twelfth House: Secrets, fear, subconscious, healing, spirituality, karma, dreams

The Zodiac Signs
♈︎ Aries: Brave, leadership, authoritative, the first, taking charge, competitive, active
♉︎ Taurus: Security, patience, slow, materiality, resistance to change, beauty, luxury
♊︎ Gemini: Adaptability, intelligence, communication, social, duality, curiosity
♋︎ Cancer: Loyalty, nurturing, emotions, intuition, home, comfort, safety
♌︎ Leo: Playful, prideful, leader, generous, charismatic, inner child, brave, royalty
♍︎ Virgo: Analytical, organized, critical, holistic, logical, service to others
♎︎ Libra: Balance, beauty, harmonious, relationship-oriented, friendly, thoughtful
♏︎ Scorpio: Passion, power, transformative, intense, intimidating, truthful
♐︎ Sagittarius: Adventure, optimism, expansion, truth-seeking, open-minded
♑︎ Capricorn: Disciplined, responsible, hard-working, cynical, persistent, patient
♒︎ Aquarius: Innovative, friendly, altruistic, quirky, humanitarian, science, technology
♓︎ Pisces: Dreamy, mystical, intuitive, spiritual, sensitive, romantic, creative, psychic

Some examples
When rolling your astrology dice, you read them as you would a story or a sentence, with all three dice working together.

Let's say you want to know how best to prep for your week ahead. You ask "How can I nurture myself in the week ahead?". You roll your three dice and get Jupiter in the 10th House in Taurus.

Jupiter is all about growth, optimism, abundance, and luck. The 10th House deals with career, reputation and success. And finally Taurus is all about grounding, patience, security, and material things. You could read these dice as a stroke of luck in your career, but you'll want to stay grounded and practical through it, and not let your head get lost in the clouds.

You can also use these dice the way you would an astrology placement, which is useful when asking a question about a person. Remember, open ended questions are best. But perhaps you want to ask "What can help me understand where my partner is coming from?" and you roll the dice to get Saturn in the 3rd House in Leo. You can read this just like you would read a natal chart of someone with Saturn in the 3rd House in Leo: This person is very serious and has a tendency to isolate themselves, as they struggle to connect and communicate with others. Their pride can get in the way of establishing strong, emotional bonds as they are determined and stubborn, but also very loyal.


Some more tips

My suggestion on learning to use your astrology dice is just like you would with any divination tool. Use it often and journal your questions, the dice you roll, your interpretation, and how things played out. Over time, you'll develop your own library of what each symbol means for you.