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Cosmic Forecast Collective

Join the Cosmic Forecast Collective!

As a member, you’ll receive guidance on using the astrology of each week and month to your advantage, so you’re armed with the knowledge to plan your life with the cosmos. You’ll know which day is best for working towards your soul dreams and which requires more self-care and downtime.⁠ ⁠


What's Included:
A monthly astrological overview each month with horoscopes

⭐ Weekly astrology forecasts

⭐ Daily cosmic updates with Soul Care suggestions

⭐ Collective Soul Care Oracle Card readings + spreads to explore

⭐ Instant access to the entire Moon Phase Collection Meditations

⭐ Journal prompts for the New & Full Moons

⭐ Astrological update videos for events such as eclipses and retrogrades, with horoscopes

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