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Astro Burnout Toolkit

Feeling burned out? Me too. That's why I created the Astro Burnout Toolkit, a collection of lessons and resources to help you understand exactly what burnout is and how to deal with it - including how astrology can help you find ways to navigate and overcome it.

 Through this digital toolkit, you'll learn...

*What burnout is⁠
*The three parts of burnout⁠
*Rituals to deal with stress and burnout
*What the experts say are the keys to getting out from under burnout⁠
*How astrology can assist you with this⁠, looking at your Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Uranus signs

Also included in this toolkit are self-care checklists, a gratitude journal, and so much more!

This 67-page PDF digital guidebook includes a video on how to look up your birth chart and uncover the information you'll need to use astrology to recognize, deal with, and overcome burnout. Please note this is a digital item. No physical copy will be sent.