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Pisces Season Guidebook 2023

During Pisces Season (Feb 18 - Mar 19), Neptune, the astrological ruler of Pisces, is out in full force. You will have easier access to your intuition, so use this time to tune in to your inner wisdom. This season is ideal for dreaming bigger and thinking outside the box. Use your imagination to shape the future you want to create by carving out time and space for yourself to dream. This workbook can help guide you on your journey!

This Pisces Season workbook is for all zodiac signs and contains over 30 pages of insights into this part of the astrological wheel of the year, including:

  • What Pisces Season means for all of us

  • Pisces Sun, Moon & Rising Sign insight

  • Major astrological transits and how to plan for them

  • Void-of-course moon dates and times

  • Card spread for Pisces Season

  • Horoscopes for Pisces Season

  • Affirmations for Pisces Season

  • Soul Care for Pisces Season, along with gemstone and herb suggestions

  • Astrological details on the New Moon in Pisces, along with journal prompts and ritual ideas

  • Astrological details on the Full Moon in Virgo, along with journal prompts and ritual ideas



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