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Digital Soul Care Planner for Goodnotes and Noteability

This listing is for the DIGITAL version of the 2023 Soul Care Planner. It is the only planner that combines astrology and self-care to add magic to your everyday planning.

The Soul Care Planner is designed for magic seekers. For wild hearts who are ready to chase dreams instead of lists. For perfectionists who are willing to move past the hustle and into soul-centered grace. For anyone who seeks to live more in tune with the seasonal energy of the year. Check out all the details below...

NEW FOR 2023
     Void moons
     Planetary transits and ingresses
     Wheel of the year holidays
     Menstrual cycle tracking
     Monthly astrological theme


    2023 soul goals
    2023 word of the year
    Monthly goals + intentions
    Weekly goals + actionable steps
    Weekly layout with moon phases & signs
    Monthly layout with moon phases & major holidays
    2023 yearly  calendar with New + Full Moons


    Weekly check-in pages with sun and moon movements
    Journal pages each week to track your New Moon intention
    Astrological details on each quarter moon
    Seasonal soul care prompts and reflections
    Custom artwork


This is an interactive PDF File. You must have an app that annotates PDF files to use this planner, such as Goodnotes or Notability.