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Venus Retrograde 2022 Horoscopes

Venus Retrograde occurs every 18 months and lasts for 6 weeks.
When any planet is retrograde, it is an invitation to review those themes that the planet rules. When it comes to Venus, it's time to review your relationship with others, your money, and yourself.
This is seen as a not great time for renovations, redecorating, getting married, or any changes to your physical appearance, as those are all things that fall under the Venus umbrella.
December 19, 2021 - January 29, 2022
This Venus Retrograde is in Capricorn.
For all of us, that means that we'll be dealing with Venus in Capricorn themes: structure, tradition, authority. We become focused on heart-based commitment and long-term and long-lasting relationships. Our values are heightened with Venus in Capricorn and we crave to be soul and heart aligned with the work we are doing in the world.
Venus Retrograde Horoscopes
Aries Rising:During this time your reputation weighs heavy on your mind. Use this time to evaluate your goals and what you truly see success as, instead of chasing the visions of others.You may find that your definition of success, or even the goals you had set for yourself a year or two ago, has shifted and needs to be reevaluated.

Taurus Rising: Over the next few weeks, you may find that what used to bring you joy and satisfaction no longer carries the same amount of weight. You may feel generally dissatisfied as you go about discovering what you’re looking for. Chase what brings you joy instead of looking for it where it used to be. Be okay with being a little bit uncomfortable as you rediscover your joy.

Gemini Rising: During this time you may find yourself revisiting your past and finding that the improvements you thought you were making for the better, actually are holding you back. Take time to revisit what worked well for you in the past and evaluate if it could help carry you forward. If you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, where you get enraptured by the latest and greatest, you might feel this transit more heavily, as it likes to point out where the older version worked just fine, and actually served you better.

Cancer Rising: Over the next few weeks you may feel stuck in a rut when it comes to your most intimate relationships. Evaluate if you’re honoring your boundaries and speaking up for what you want. We all can get stuck in a routine and habit when it comes to our relationships, and this transit helps us look at exactly where that has occurred and offers us the opportunity to find new rhythms to work with.

Leo Rising: Over the next few weeks, you may be overwhelmed by the daily tasks that we all have to get done. If you’re feeling like you’re facing the mundane task mountain alone, take a look at if you’re clearly asking for help. Find new and creative ways to go about your daily routines and habits. Shake things up and see what feels good. You may find that some parts of your routine are just no longer needed.

Virgo Rising: During this time you may find your creative well overflowing as your creative expression aligns with your values and higher purpose.You may want to pick up an old creative hobby, or learn one new entirely. Keep chasing your curiosity and finding what helps keep your creative spark lit.

Libra Rising: Over the next few weeks, you will gain a deeper understanding of what really helps you feel at home, safe, and secure. Now is the time to examine if your home is a reflection of your values.If there was ever a time to Marie Kondo your home, now it is. You want your home to be a sanctuary and a place that replenishes you, not depletes you. Make sure it is full of items that bring you joy and happiness.

Scorpio Rising: This is a time to evaluate the value you find in the social circles and situations you find yourself in. Now is the time to examine if the individuals you spend your time with are a reflection of your values.Give yourself time to collect your thoughts, perhaps even putting them down on paper, before trying to convince someone else of your ideas and plans.

Sagittarius Rising: Over the next few weeks, you’ll gain clarity on how to maximize your resources, both physical and financial. It’s time to examine what you really want out of life and how to get it. This is a good time to work on separating the physical and material things you have from the idea of who you are and where you want to go in life.
Capricorn Rising: This is a time to reevaluate if the personal image you present the world with is a true reflection of who you are. Now is the time to make any adjustments or refinements to your appearance. Review how you're showing up in your life and in the world, and if the way you present yourself reflects the way you feel inside. Clean out your closet and toss whatever no longer feels like you.

Aquarius Rising: During this time you may feel restless, like you want to take a new direction or path in life, but are unsure which road to take. Listen to your intuition and dreams and wait until this retrograde period is over before making a decision. You may find that you are thinking more about your past now and coming to terms with it.

Pisces Rising: Over the next few weeks, you might get caught up in tunnel vision, forgetting about your friendships and the larger community and their needs. Make sure you give time to others as well as yourself. Friendships may feel strained now and miscommunications may be more common.

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