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New Moon in Taurus May 2021

This month the New Moonis in grounding Tauruson May 11at 3:00 pm EST find your time here).

This New Moon is helping us see where our foundation isn't as secure as we thought it was.

A New Moon in Taurus deals with themes of security and our foundation. Where we are growing from and what is helping support us. Taurus is a fixed sign and does not like to change, however, the day before this New Moon, the Moon meets up with Uranus, and gets us curious about what change might actually look like for us.

We’re being presented with information regarding an aspect of how we live our lives. So many of us go through our day rushing about and trying to fit as much in it as possible. We don’t take the time to slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. We often ignore the beauty around us! This New Moon makes it clear that this way of living, this foundation, is crumbling under our feet. This New Moon may be uncomfortable, and we could feel like a bull in a china shop, stumbling about and trying to find our footing.

The Moon is widely conjunct Uranus at the time of the New Moon, giving us an opportunity to make a change. Mars sextile Uranus later in the day helps us find the willpower we need to put our foot down and say ‘no more!’ once and for all.

Some questions to ask yourself on this New Moon:

  • Where in my life do I need to slow down?

  • What can help me ground and center right now?

  • Where can I add more beauty or luxury to my life?

  • What can nature teach me right now?

Below is where you may be feeling this New Moon highlight something for you. These are written for your Rising Sign, but feel free to read your Sun and Moon sign as well (you can look up your Rising Sign here). 

♈ Aries:Money, possessions, value (and self-value) Career and ambitions, reputation
♉Taurus: Appearance, self-identity, how you present to others
♊️ Gemini: Fears, self-undoing, secrets
♋️ Cancer: Friends, networks, social circles
♌️ Leo:Career and ambitions, reputation
♍️ Virgo:Travel, study, expansion of the mind & spirituality
♎️ Libra:Joint finances, debt, sex, transformation
♏️ Scorpio:Committed relationships (including biz partners)
♐️ Sagittarius:Daily routines, your health, self-care
♒️ Aquarius: Home, family, all things domestic
♓️ Pisces:Communications, community, siblings, neighbors

If you’re curious about what this lunar cycle has in store for you, try out the card spread below!