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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022

This week we have a FullMoon in Scorpioon May 16at 12:13 am EDT (find your time here).

With Full Moons, the Moon and Sun and opposite each other in the sky. This creates tension, but also completes a cycle and encourages us to find a solution to move outside of or away from the opposing forces as play. A Lunar Eclipse adds more depth, as the Earth comes between the Sun and Moon, blocking the light of the Sun from the Moon.
A Scorpio Full Moon wants us to dive deep into our world of feelings and shadow, braving the darkness to see what we uncover. After all, we have the light of the Full Moon to light our way and guide us through our inner caves, our companion in the darkness. This is a time of transformation when secrets slip and we find it easier to share our desires with others. But we can also feel overwhelmed by the depth of our feelings.So at this Full Moon, it is an excellent time to sit and discover new depths of yourself. Mysticism and magic are also tools you could use on your quest to discover more, and the tarot spread below is a great launching point. 

For ritual ideas and horoscopes for this Full Moon, be sure to check out the Taurus Season Guidebook. 
Taurus Season Guidebook

Some questions to ask yourself on this Full Moon:
  • What in your life is ready to be released?

  • What part of you is transforming?

  • Where do you hide your power away?

Full Moon Horoscopes
Below is where you may be feeling this Full Moon highlight something for you. These are written for your Rising Sign, but feel free to read your Sun and Moon sign as well (you can look up your Rising Sign here). 

Aries: Joint finances, debt, sex, transformation
Taurus: Committed relationships (including business partners)
Gemini: Daily routines, your health, self-care
Cancer: Creativity, kids, romance, pleasure
Leo: Home, family, all things domestic
Virgo: Communications, community, siblings, neighbors
Libra: Money, possessions, value (and self-value)
Appearance, self-identity, how you present to others  
Sagittarius: Fears, self-undoing, secrets
Capricorn:Friends, networks, social circles
Aquarius:  Career, ambitions, reputation
Pisces:Travel, study, expansion of the mind & spirituality

If you’re curious about what this lunar cycle has in store for you, try out the tarot card spread below.
Full Moon in Scorpio Tarot Spread


For ritual ideas and horoscopes for this New Moon, be sure to check out the Taurus Season Guidebook. 
Taurus Season Guidebook


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