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Full Moon in Pisces September 2021

This week we have a Full Moon in Pisces on September 20 at 7:55 pm EDT (find your time here).


A Full Moon in Pisces is full of metaphysical magic. It conjures up our deepest emotions and our most vivid dreams and sparks not only our creativity but our intuition as well. We just need to be willing to set aside some time and space to listen.

This Full Moon is an excellent time to connect to your creativity or intuition, especially through some kind of meditation. This Full Moon is sitting next to Neptune in the sky, the planet of spirituality and illusion.

This is a wonderful day for dreaming and being creative and getting lost in your thoughts. Because of Neptune's influence (it will be opposite the Sun), it won't be a great day for productivity and you'll probably struggle to focus on just one task or see something through tothe finish line. But if you're willing to follow the flow of the creative muse where it takes you, to follow the rainbows of light the prism is showing you, in the end, you'll have connected to something magical and otherworldly.

If you'd like some help channeling into your dreams this Full Moon, be sure to check out my Moon Phase Meditation Bundle!


Some questions to ask yourself on this Full Moon:

  • How can you tap into your creative muse right now?

  • What are your biggest dreams? Don't censor yourself here, let it all flow.

  • Do you have a habit or routine around connecting with your intuition and inner guidance?


Full Moon Horoscopes

Below is where you may be feeling this Full Moon highlight something for you. These are written for your Rising Sign, but feel free to read your Sun and Moon sign as well (you can look up your Rising Sign here). 

 Aries: Fears, self-undoing, secrets 
 Taurus: Friends, networks, social circles
♊️ Gemini: Career, ambitions, reputation
♋️ Cancer: Travel, study, expansion of the mind & spirituality
♌️ Leo: Joint finances, debt, sex, transformation
♍️ Virgo: Committed relationships (including business partners)
♎️ LibraDaily routines, your health, self-care
♏️ Scorpio: Creativity, kids, romance, pleasure
♐️ Sagittarius: Home, family, where you live, ancestors
♑ Capricorn:
  Communications, community, siblings, neighbors
♒️ AquariusMoney, possessions, value (and self-value)
♓️ PiscesAppearance, self-identity, how you present to others

If you’re curious about what this lunar cycle has in store for you, try out the tarot card spread below! 

Full Moon in Pisces Spread

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