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Full Moon in Libra April 2022

This week we have a Full Moon in Libra on April  16at 2:55 pm EST (find your time here).

With Full Moons, the Moon and Sun and opposite each other in the sky. This creates tension, but also completes a cycle and encourages us to find a solution to move outside of or away from the opposing forces as play.

The light of the Full Moon illuminates relationships and boundaries when it is in Libra. When out of balance, Libra can be too selfless and giving, putting the needs and wants of others first. At this Full Moon, look at where you can give to others while also giving to yourself. This Full Moon is here to remind you that you can’t pour from an empty cup, so be sure to take some time to fill yours up.

This Full Moon is helping us see where we need to release relationships that are no longer serving us. Perhaps we have a friend who always wants us to be there for them but doesn't show us the same support, or maybe you're in a partnership that has served its purpose, and now it's time to move on. Caution is needed though, as the Moon and Sun are square Pluto, which can bring hidden emotions to the surface, and we may be caught off guard by a change that threatens to shake the ground we once thought of as stable.

For full horoscopes for each zodiac sign, listen to the Full Moon in Libra podcast below.
For ritual ideas and horoscopes for this Full Moon, be sure to check out the Aries Season Guidebook. 
Aries Season Guidebook

Some questions to ask yourself on this Full Moon:
  • Where do you give your power away in relationships?

  • Is there a relationship in your life that is out of balance?

  • Do you tend to others before you tend to yourself?

Full Moon Horoscopes
Below is where you may be feeling this New Moon highlight something for you. These are written for your Rising Sign, but feel free to read your Sun and Moon sign as well (you can look up your Rising Sign here). 

Aries: Committed relationships (including business partners)
Taurus: Daily routines, your health, self-care
Gemini: Creativity, kids, romance, pleasure
Cancer: Home, family, all things domestic
Leo: Communications, community, siblings, neighbors
Virgo: Money, possessions, value (and self-value)
Libra: Appearance, self-identity, how you present to others  
Fears, self-undoing, secrets
Sagittarius:Friends, networks, social circles
Capricorn: Career, ambitions, reputation
Aquarius:  Travel, study, expansion of the mind & spirituality
Pisces:Joint finances, debt, sex, transformation

If you’re curious about what this lunar cycle has in store for you, try out the tarot card spread below.
Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread


For ritual ideas and horoscopes for this New Moon, be sure to check out the Aries Season Guidebook. 
Aries Season Guidebook


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