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Cosmic Forecast for July 2021

Below are some highlights for the month ahead.


1 - Mars opposes Saturn
Aggression is heightened and you might feel like you're taking one step forward and two steps back, it's hard to get anything done.

3 - Mars squares Uranus
A restless, reckless energy. Be mindful about acting on impulse, it may not lead anywhere good.

5 - Sun sextile Uranus
Flashes of insight and new ideas inspire you today.

6 - Mercury square Neptune
Our communications are foggy and unclear.
     Venus oppose Saturn
Delays, setbacks, and limitations in regards to love and money.

8 - Venus square Uranus
Stress in your relationships or dealings with money. Watch your spending.

9 -  New Moon in Cancer
A time to set intentions around your home and family.

11 - Mercury enters Cancer
Our communications on a collective level shift to a more compassionate lens.

12 - Mercury trine Jupiter
A day of optimism and luck when it comes to making long-term plans.

13 - Venus conjunct Mars
A boost to our sensuality and creativity.

15 - Sun trine Neptune
A lovely day for creative work.

17 - Sun opposes Pluto
Power struggles may pop up now.

20 - Mercury sextile Uranus
Great ideas are bound to happen, make the most of this energy and schedule team brainstorming meetings for today.

21 - Venus in Virgo
Over the next few weeks as a collective we'll express our affections through practical means such as chores and small acts that show we were thinking of someone.

22 - Sun enters Leo
Shine your light for the next month - follow your heart, share your passions, and indulge your creativity.
     Venus oppose Jupiter
You may feel more affectionate than usual and want to socialize, just watch out for overindulging.

23 - Full Moon in Aquarius
A good time to set boundaries and clear the slate when it comes to friends and groups.

24 - Mercury trine Neptune
A boost for creativity and imagination. Perfect for creative work.

25 - Mercury oppose Pluto
It's tug of war between two opposing points of view today. Stay out of it if you can, you probably won't win.

27 - Mercury enters Leo
For the next few weeks, our communications are more bold and courageous. We approach new ideas with confidence.

29 -  Mars enters Virgo
Over the following weeks, we'll be willing to hunker down and get our work done. We get a deep sense of satisfaction from finishing up a job well done.

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