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Cosmic Forecast for August 2021

Normally when we think of August, Leo season might spring to mind and you think of glamor, the spotlight, and basking in the glow of the sun.

This month starts off a little slow, as we have a number of planets retrograde, encouraging us to reflect, but things quickly start heating up and the planets begin zipping along. 

There are a couple of days where we may find that our energy is lower and we're more prone to depressive thoughts (August 9 and 10 for example) but they're balanced out nicely by days where we feel like we can take on the world (August 18 and 20). Read on for some of the highlights for the month ahead. For all the transits of the month, head on over to the Guided Collective.


8: New Moon in Leo: overcome fears by expressing your true individuality
9: Venus opposite Neptune: be aware of taking on more than you can handle
10: Mercury opposite Jupiter: a low energy day
11: Mercury enters Virgo: things click into place (finally!)
16: Venus enters Libra: cooperation, diplomacy, romance
18: Mercury conjunct Mars: motivation and enthusiasm for work projects, good for planning and seeing through
20: Mercury trine Uranus: innovative solutions, new and quick ideas, fast thinking
22: Full Moon in Aquarius: your needs vs the needs of the collective

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