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Astrology Forecast for May 2021

Below are some highlights for the month ahead.


3 - Mercury enters Gemini
Mercury is right at home in Gemini, so our communication flows and it’s easier to connect with others.

8 - Venus enters Gemini
With Venus in Gemini, we find our pleasure through our minds: talking with others, sharing information, learning new things, and challenging our minds.

11 - New Moon in Taurus
Taurus highlights our need for physical comfort and security. What kind of foundation are you building on? In looking at the Wheel of the Year, this is when our goals or intention for the year have started growing and we need to tend to them (from a Northern Hemisphere perspective). But for your goal to grow, you need to make sure it had the foundation it needs - the nutrients and care - to reach its full potential.

13 - Jupiter enters Pisces
This is just a preview, as Jupiter will only be in Pisces for 11 weeks (opposed to 1 year for a ‘standard’ Jupiter transit) due to Jupiter retrograde. On July 28, Jupiter will re-enter Aquarius until the end of the year, when it moves back into Pisces. But Jupiter in Pisces helps us get in touch with our creative muse and find faith in our dreams. Our intuition, creativity, and spirituality may all be heightened during this time.

20 - Sun enters Gemini
Over the next few weeks, we find ourselves more social and able to absorb and communicate information with others. We also find joy and having a lot of choices and options to choose from.

23 - Saturn Retrograde begins
A time to review your responsibilities, structures, and lessons you’ve learned from them.

26 - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius
Sagittarius aims straight for the truth, and as Full Moons illuminate - and an eclipse just makes this illumination even brighter - a truth may be brought to light around the time of the eclipse. This could be your truth or someone else’s truth - but the important key here is that there will be a need to come to terms with this truth. It won’t be something that can be glossed over or ignored, but instead, we’ll have to act based on the information we learned.

29 - Mercury Retrograde begins
The perfect timing as always, as after the revelations from the eclipse, we’ll need some downtime to integrate what new information we learned. Over the next few weeks, take some time to reflect on how you communicate and process information, how you speak to yourself and others, and how you involve others to collaborate and work with you.