I have four cat children, Kitty, Biscuit, Bandit, and Miss Poofy. Kitty is the senior of the house, being 16, and could care less about the other cats. Biscuit is the troublemaker who will sit and meow for attention and (impatiently) wait for you to come to her. Bandit is the shy one, but is pretty serious about food time. Miss Poofy is the youngest, and can usually be found napping or grooming one of the other cats.

Sara is a creative workaholic who is constantly dreaming of new projects and artwork. She loves the moon and believes that we all have magic inside of us ready to tap into to. That belief is the force behind her creations, as tools such as candles, jewelry talismans and perfume help us tap into our own divine power

Sara is also is the creator behind Liber deStella and the Nova Luna Box. She enjoys writing, painting, photography, gardening, reading, crafting, graphic designing, and journaling just to name a few. She is also a fan of glitter, color, dance, stars, anything that sparkles, cats, and the overall principal that what you give out to the universe comes back to you.

Sara lives in North Carolina with her awesome husband and four cat children, Kitty, Bandit, Biscuit and Lady Esmeralda von Poofington. She spends many hours volunteering with local nonprofits.

Looking for wholesale inquiries? Contact Sara here.

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