I’m so excited that my new studio space is finally up and running! A new, bigger, space has been on my wish list ever since I started Liber deStella this past spring. Between my jewelry designing, candle making, moon mapping and all around business running (packing! shipping! all the boxes for packing and shipping!) I needed more space. As it was, my materials and supplies were split between three small rooms of the house and it was getting to be hard to manage.

So I took over my dining room.


Now my jewelry benches are side by side and are set up to be much more functional than they were before. The designing happens on one bench, the fabricating happens on another.




I also have room for my computer for any admin tasks I need to take care of, such as social media, answering emails or any general marketing. new-studio-space-6-of-9

Speaking of marketing, I am in LOVE with this calendar set up I discovered using sticky notes to clearly show you what’s coming up. I use the calendar to set dates for big events, such as product launches and sales, and the sticky notes let me work backwards from those dates to create a super visual marketing calendar.

I use the white board to track quarterly goals, such as revenue, blog posts and social media followers. It’s so helpful to see everything in one glance. Credit goes to Jennifer Lee for the calendar idea and Being Boss for my chalkboard method whiteboard.new-studio-space-7-of-9Moving on to the next super awesome part of my new studio…. the packing station! This beauty has everything right where I need it. Lids and containers for candles. Boxes and mailers for shipping. And it’s all so pretty! I used a variety of parts from The Container Store’s Efla collection to create this.new-studio-space-2-of-9new-studio-space-1-of-9

One of my favorite parts is this peg board that holds all of my ribbon, washi tape, business cards and bags that I use to package jewelry. I even have little thank you gift cards and free gemstones ready to go in your packages! And the herbs of course. I always get feedback that the favorite part of your packages from me are the mixture of herbs I include. I love adding them! It’s like sprinkling a bit of love in your parcel. new-studio-space-4-of-9And I love my new handstamped bags! These are part of my new packaging that I’ll be rolling out soon - hopefully in time for your holiday orders! Which is a whole other post in itself - can you believe we’re almost into November? I can’t! Let’s just pretend that we’re not that close to the end of year, k? ;)new-studio-space-3-of-9

I hope you enjoyed this little tour! I’m sure I’ll be posted even more photos and video of my space on Instagram, so if you’re not already following me over there, now’s a good time to start!

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