Continuing with my chakra gemstone series (heart chakra here) I thought I’d share my favorite heart solar plexus gemstones with you! And yes, I’m aware that I’m doing these blog posts out of order, as I’m not going from root -> crown or crown -> root. I’m just doing them in the order that I feel inspired to, so hopefully these posts are getting to you right when you need them.

The solar plexus is the chakra of creativity, energy, sex and sexuality, abundance, passion, emotions and fertility. It sits just below your naval, and the color associated with it is orange. It is where your drive, or inner fire, resides.

My Top 5 Favorite Solar Plexus Gemstones

Heads up for reference: I’m starting with the Carnelian - the stone on the left, and working my way right.

Carnelian - My go-to stone when I need an energy or creativity boost. I have a carnelian bracelet that I wear on days when my energy is feeling low or my creative well is dry. I’ll also mediate with a carnelian when I’m in a rut and need a little creative inspiration (this is GREAT to do while walking in nature - Mama Nature is oh so inspiring). You can tell my looking at a carnelian, with it’s hues of red and orange, that it’s a fiery stone. This gemstone can help awaken that fiery energy in you, including passion and sexuality.

Honey Calcite – Honey calcite usually isn’t the first stone to come to mind when you’re thinking of sacral chakra stones, but for women it’s definitely a must have. Honey calcite is sometimes called the mother wound stone, as it is said to help heal any wounds you may have around your own mother, mothering or maternity. It inspires maternal compassion, but in dealing with motherhood, it is also a stone of fertility and creation, leading to prosperity and abundance.

Tiger’s Eye – My favorite stone from childhood, tiger’s eye is a workhorse of a grounding and protection stone. Tiger’s eye is also a wonderful stone to increase wisdom, courage and self-confidence. Use Tiger’s Eye when you need discernment to develop a plan or strategy.

Sunstone – Like it’s namesake, sunstone has a beautiful, warm energy to it. It is a stone of leadership, courage and general positive energy. Carry sunstone with you to radiate optimism.Meditate with it and ask the sunstone to illuminate your path before you, to help you clarify and tap into your higher purpose.

Citrine – I can’t say enough good things about citrine. This is my favorite abundance and joy stone. Bright, cheerful citrine not only helps you feel, well, bright and cheerful, but it attracts prosperity and abundance of all kinds, and is wonderful if you own your own business. Take a small piece of citrine, wrap a dollar around it, and keep it in your wallet or in your cash drawer (if you own a business) to attract financial prosperity to you.


 I’ve also associated foxes with the solar plexus (like this Fox Solar Plexus perfume!) so I decided to take a photo of these solar plexus gemstones with this fox carving.

I love mediating with stones to work with them. Wearing them is another favorite. I do grid, but I’m lean more towards informal grids (think specific stones in a bowl) than a traditional grid, just because it’s hard to keep a grid up with four cat children! :)

Do you have a favorite solar plexus chakra stone? Let me know in the comments!

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