Continuing on the theme of self-care from the last blog post I thought I’d share my favorite heart chakra gemstones with you! The funny thing is, once I sat down and started writing out my favorite stones, I realized my list was getting rather long! So, I narrowed it down to my 5 top favorite. These are in no way the complete list of heart chakra gemstones, but these are my go-to stones when I need an emotional pick me up.

Heads up for reference: I’m starting with the Rose Quartz (the giant piece and the two smaller pink stones at the top right) and working my way from right to left in the photo.

Rose Quartz - Is there anything better than the soft, soothing love that radiates from rose quartz? I find rose quartz to be so very gentle, so it’s great when nerves are frayed and emotions need to be soothed. Rose quartz is said to be a great stone for providing a mothering type of comfort, with it’s tender pink radiance.

Amazonite - Amazonite makes me think of water. Flowing, healing water. It’s a wonderful soothing stone that not only aligns the chakras, the the physical body as well. It does have prosperity properties, but it’s most known for it’s ability to promote compassionate communication, helping to get to the source of one’s truth, as well as overcome loneliness.

Garnet - Garnet is a stone that I didn’t realize how much I needed until I acquired one. It’s a beautiful grounding stone that instantly help one feel safe, protected and loved. It may be considered to be more of a root chakra stone, due to it’s grounding nature, but I find the love I feel from mine to be uplifting heart chakra work.

Ametrine - Normally, if I wasn’t intentionally narrowing down this list, amethyst would be on it, as it’s such a calming stone. But ametrine is amethyst kicked up a notch, as it holds both amethyst and citrine (another one of my favs! who am I kidding, I love them all!). Ametrine helps with relaxation and battling addiction (like amethyst) but also attracts abundance and joy (like citrine). Because of it’s duality, it’s said to be a stone that helps balance the masculine and feminine.

Rhodonite - Probably my favorite heart chakra stone, rhodonite not only helps you uncover emotional wounds, but it also helps heal them by nurturing your inner self. It helps to dispel anxiety, protect against jealousy, and balance feelings of love - all to help lessen feelings of inadequacy.

I love mediating with stones to work with them. Wearing them is another favorite. I do grid, but I’m lean more towards informal grids (think specific stones in a bowl) than a traditional grid, just because it’s hard to keep a grid up with four cat children! :)

Do you have a favorite heart chakra stone? Let me know in the comments!

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