This month the New Moon is in Virgo - on September 20 at 1:30 am EST.

Virgo is all about organization, cleaning and service. Service to others and service from the heart. The tools in this box are designed for both physical and spiritual cleansing.



This month’s box includes:

- Brass inlay celestial box …….. $8

- Celestial bell…….. $5

- Tumbled lapis lazuli …….. $6

- Amazonite orgone pyramid …….. $12

- New Moon in Leo candle or wax tart …….. $12


Lapis lazuli

Perhaps the most famous lover of lapis lazuli was Cleopatra. She used powered lapis as an eyeshadow. Not surprisingly, lapis is used for boosting the self-confidence (and those queenly vibes!) as well as bringing feelings of peace and inner knowledge.

Amazonite orgone pyramid

Amazonite is a stone that enchances intuition and intellect. It is a throat chakra stone, and therefore aids with communication. The pyramid shape of these stones help direct the energy flow, and the orgone portion is said to clean stagnant and negative energy. Virgo Mantra I am grounded in my heart centered service to others.

This month’s ritual As we head into Fall (the Autumn Equinox is just two days after this New Moon!) let’s start off the season of harvest and thanks with some fresh energy. We’re gearing up to say our farewells to summer and welcome in a new season of fall.

Feel free to set up sacred space as you need to.. Meditate, call the corners, burn some sage, brew some tea, whatever you see fit. Make this ritual your own.

Did you know bells can be used to clear space? A Virgo dream - functional and beautiful! The ringing of bells vibrates negative energies into alignment. Use your bell to clear the space around you - or if you feel called, ring it throughout your home for a deep cleanse.

Use the celestial box to store any tools and keep organized -you may even wish to keep your tools from this month in the box! Another idea is to use the box to store current lunar intentions or desires you’d like to see manifested in the box.

As an added step, at the heart of Virgo is the desire to give back and be of service. Where can you donate or give back today? Perhaps you can pay it forward by giving $5 towards the next person in line at the drive through, or if you rather donate time, go spend an afternoon at your local animal shelter loving on the sweet pets in need of homes. Do what calls to your heart - there are so many options! Cook a meal for a friend you know is short on time, pick up discarded trash in your local park, or donate clothes to a local charity.


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