You see her shinning in the sky, our beloved la luna, as she reflects the light of the sun. In astrology, the moon, and more specifically, the astrological sign the moon is in, deals with our emotions and subconscious desires, including our self-care. The astrological sign the moon was in when you were born shapes your emotional temperament and illuminates what makes you feel safe and secure. So knowing your moon sign can help direct you to what type or area of self-care would benefit you most. How neat is that?
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 Take a look at your moon sign below for a suggested self care activity!
  • Aries Moon—Start something new, go on an adventure or take a risk! Fiery Aries gets comfort from taking action.
  • Taurus Moon—This pamper loving sign thrives on physical things like good eats and massages.
  • Gemini Moon—Communicative air sign Gemini gets comfort from talking, singing and journaling.
  • Cancer Moon—Watery Cancer likes to nurture others. Be sure to turn that nurturing spot light onto yourself as well (like a long, hot bath!).
  • Leo Moon—Did someone say party? With Leo, fun is comfort. Create & play!
  • Virgo Moon— Earth Virgo finds comfort in routine and organization. And cleaning never hurts, either.
  • Libra Moon—Libras are all about relationships. Partner up - go dancing or shopping.
  • Scorpio Moon— This sign gains comfort through expression passion. Go wild!
  • Sagittarius Moon— Learning something new and taking a trip are both comforts for the explorer Sagittarius.
  • Capricorn Moon— Do something that has a tangible outcome that betters your life in some way - work, cook a meal, workout, fix something.
  • Aquarius Moon—This community oriented sign loves hanging out with friends and working towards bettering the local community.
  • Pisces Moon— This mystical sign gravitates towards sleeping as comfort.

What do you think, does the suggested self-care activities work for you and your Moon Sign?

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