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The Lunar Rhythms Course is six weeks long and begins on Monday, February 5. Each week will include a multiple videos and workbook, and there will be bonus lessons throughout the course.

Lunar Rhythms will run from February 5 to March 16.

The last day to sign up is January 31.

Lunar Rhythms is a six week course that will help you understand the rhythms and cycles of the moon, and learn how the moon is a mirror for your own inner self.

During Lunar Rhythms we’ll also:

-Discover how to work with each phase of the Moon for cultivating more joy

-Learn how to create a sense of peace and stability into your daily life using the lunar cycle

-Understand how to call in more abundance and release negativity using the lunar energies

-Connect to a force larger than yourself, allowing for more flow and ease

-Learn what each zodiac sign brings to the table when the Moon moves through it, as well as a deeper look at the New Moon in Aquarius, the New Moon that will occur during our time together

Lunar Rhythms will begin a week before the February New Moon, and we’ll walk together through an entire lunar cycle, from New Moon to Last Quarter Moon. I’ll guide you in real time through the moon phases and intention setting, helping you find the intention setting ritual that works just for you. As the weeks progress, we’ll learn about action steps and moving forward with your intention, celebrating your progress, and releasing anything that didn’t work for you that month.


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