Lunar Eclipse Kit



This handcrafted jar candle created with soy wax, pure cotton wick, natural dye and scented with a handcrafted essential oil blend with a celebratory fragrance of sage, oakmoss, and amber. Candle is topped with catnip, honeysuckle, mugwort, garnet and tiger’s eye. Candle is designed to kick off the 2018 Eclipse Season with grounding and protective energies that will allow you to ride the energy of the lunar eclipse with ease and tap into your intuition.

This limited edition candle comes with a fluorite palm stone. Fluorite is called the soul path stone, as it helps you find your purpose in life. The upcoming lunar eclipse on January 31 is perfect for tapping into your intuition in order to follow the path you are meant to be on, as eclipses are times of change and course correction.

sage, oakmoss, amber

garnet and tiger’s eye

grounding in order to tap into your intuition

4oz jar
burn time 40 hours

Candle will arrive packaged securely with bubble wrap, and ships within 1 business days of ordering.

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Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 8 in


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