Gemstone Pendulum Mat


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This lunar pendulum mat is perfect for your moon divination rituals. Mat features all eight phases of the moon and an assortment of pendulum responses, such as yes, maybe, and try again. Each mat is custom printed and features a plush, fabric top.

This pendulum mats mats are a wonderful tool to add to your collection, and they echo a time of back to old world magic and mystery. They remind me of an old pirate treasure map, except in this case the treasure you will find is the future and the mystery of seeing what is yet unseen. Swing your pendulum over this mat on your quest for Divine Knowledge and watch to see what it reveals. This is a fun and exciting way to use your pendulum in order to get more specific answers than using it without a mat. There are a lot of options to unveil this magic. Use yours as you feel called.

Mat is 12″ x 18″ and features a non-skid backing and a plush, printed top.

Mat will arrive gift boxed, ready for giving, and ships within 3 - 6 business days of ordering.

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