November 2017 Moon Forecast

We’re slowing down! Can you feel it? The inward shift is starting to happen. So many friends and family (myself included) found ourselves wanted to go in this Halloween for our celebrations. We craved family time and deep, slow magic. This year for many the harvest celebrations have been about deep gratitude and acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of the hard work of the year, but also of the pain, and heartbreak, and grief. This year has been a rough one for many, and we’re now craving that deep hibernation of winter to rest and build up our reserves once again. We’re not quiet there yet, but we’re getting closer. We’re slowing down.

We’re also being called and reminded to ground this month. So many of the planets are in water right now, so we need to ground to keep our bodies (and minds) feeling safe and secure, instead of free-floating out there in those deep Scorpio waters.

Full Moon

On November 4 at 1:23 am EST, we have a Full Moon in Taurus. Taurus asks us to slow down. To stop and smell the roses. To ground. Where can you add a little more grounding, sensual pleasure in your life? Maybe it’s a stop by the florist to pick a luscious bouquet for your desk. Or perhaps a nice lunch out and a walk in a park before heading back to work in the afternoon.

Last Quarter Moon

November 10 in Leo at 3:36 pm EST is the Last Quarter Moon this month. With the waning moon in Leo, take a good look in the mirror at ask yourself if you need to let go of some of your pride. Is your ego serving your highest good?

New Moon

On November 18 at 6:42 am EST, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs. It’s time to dive deep into introspective Scorpio and clear out the cobwebs. Now is the perfect time to do some shadow work. You may find that your intuition is also heightened during this time, so make good use of it with a tarot spread or intuitive journaling.

The Scorpio New Moon is asking you face your shadow. Face it or be haunted by it. Click To Tweet

First Quarter Moon

November 26 at 6:22 pm EST is the First Quarter Moon in Pisces. This dreamy waxing moon is the perfect time to dream big on any action steps you can take towards you New Moon intention.


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