New Moon Intention Setting

The time around the New Moon is one of my favorite, and I’m super excited about this upcoming New Moon because it’s a Black Moon!

What’s a Black Moon, you ask?

A Black Moon is the second New Moon in a calendar month (our first this month was on September 1) and it packs a major manifestation punch. The New Moon is always a great time to sit down and set your intentions for the coming weeks (and the next six month), but with a Black Moon, there is extra manifestation energy floating around, so it’s super duper magical.

I’ve always loved New Moons (and assumed it was because I was born on one). They usually give me lot of energy and I end up with lists upon lists of creative ideas I want to tackle. I know I’ve been feeling the New Moon energy lately. I’ve had trouble sleeping all week and last night I basically was awake until the sun rose before finally getting a couple of hours of shut eye.

First up, this New Moon is in Libra, so it’s all about balance and relationships. It’s a good time to review your goals and where you’re at. If you’re close to your goal and on track, great! Keep on keeping on. If you’re not at close at you’d like, take a look and see why not. What can you adjust, change or let go of? How can you bring things back to balance?

A lot of us are reevaluating relationships right now, letting go of the friends that bring us down and holding tight to the ones that are in our tribe. That’s a Libra moon in harvest season for you.

Now, onto the wondering, mysterious magic of manifestation.

My New Moon rituals are pretty simple. I use sage, a candle, a journal, and gemstones (labradorite is a good one), along with my my giant, from the heart intentions.


I always clear myself and the space first with sage. I light my New Moon candle and just breathe. Letting go of the part of the day that has already passed, not worrying about what else is on my to do list. Letting my mind slowly quiet… sometimes this can take awhile. ;)

Once I feel centered, I allow myself to sit and marinate on the different paths I could take for intention setting. Sometimes I immediately know what goals and intentions I want to put forth, such as if there is a big project coming up or a change I want to make (the New Moon is great if you’re looking to add something positive to your life, such as a new exercise habit). Other days I have to sit and sort a little longer before I find what resonates with me.

When I know my intention, I grab whatever stones I’m using. There is always a labradorite, and usually an arfedsonite. I’ll use a citrine or jade if I’m working on manifesting money, rhodonite for self love and heart work, smoky quartz and shungite to get me through tough times.

Now this next part is the key to everything.

Holding my stones, I visualize the heck out of my intention. I see it, smell it, taste it, touch it. I see how it would impact other parts of my life, other people in my life. I don’t think that intention is coming to fruition, I know it is. I know it’s already happened. I know it’s already there. I let my intention fill me up with so much hope, love and promise that my entire body is vibrating with it. If my intention is to lose weight, I don’t see myself loosing weight, I see myself with the weight already gone. If my intention is to heal old heart hurts, I see myself interacting with people in my life and making choices with those hurts gone and no longer weighing me down. See where this is going? You visualize the end result.

(As a side note, this doesn’t mean you still don’t have to put in work. You do. You have to put action and momentum into your intentions. You have to give yourself actionable goals, steps you can take to meet the universe halfway, such as implementing that new exercise habit or doing the soulwork to confront and heal old wounds.)

Once I’ve visualized my intentions and I feel they are sold and real, I write them down. I have a little moon notebook that I write down all of my New Moon intentions in each month. It’s so wonderful to have a written record that I can look back on. It gives me chills to look back and see the intentions that have manifested for me.

(Another side note, not all my intentions have manifested in the timeline I would have liked, but that is an entirely different post!).

I speak my intentions out loud. I call upon my guides and guardian angels to help me with my intentions, to help me stay focused on the path I’ve set before myself. I thank the universe and send out as much love and joy as I can muster.

And then I let it go, knowing my intentions are out in the world, knowing I know what steps I need to take to meet them. I trust and feel solid in my knowing that the universe has my back. I’ve got this. You’ve got this.


So during the last New Moon, I tried something new. I created a vision board of my intentions. I broke my intentions down into words that described how I wanted to feel with my intention as the end result. I had words like trust, faith, intuition, purpose, sacred and divinity. I went through magazines and Pinterest and found images that connected me to those words, helped me to really feel them and connect with them. I chose paint colors and markers that brought those words to life for me.


Once I had glued, painted, drawn and written to what I felt was a good place, I stopped and drew some cards from my favorite oracle decks (below are Animal Kin, Spirit de la Lune and Spirit Cats), asked for any guidance to help brings these intentions forth. I meditated on the cards I drew and thanked the universe for the guidance.


I plan to do the vision board and oracle cards again next time, during tomorrow’s New Moon. If you want, you can follow me over on Instagram, where I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my ritual on my Instagram Stories.

I’d love to hear what you do for the New Moon! I’m always looking for new ways to dive deep and tap into my own manifesting mojo. Leave a comment below and tell me how you tap into la luna’s intention setting prowess.

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