I’m so excited that I’m finally able to share my morning routine with you! I’ve had this blog post planned and written for a few weeks now, but it’s been raining all month, so I haven’t been able to take any good photos. But today I woke up and the sun was out! I saw my first sunrise in weeks and it was glorious.

Okay, so let’s back track for a moment. My mornings used to look something like this:


-Wake up and drag myself out of bed. I’m not a morning person, so this time could vary between 6am and 10am, depending on how well I slept and how much will power I had that morning to actually get out of bed (it’s so comfy… I’m just going to rest my eyes here for a a few minutes…).

-Immediately check my email. Cue bad feelings if I didn’t have any sales the night before (because you know, that makes total sense).

-Walk downstairs and make my warm beverage of choice (coffee or tea, with lots of sugar). Grab something I can eat while walking back upstairs (usually a piece of fruit or toast).

-Start working (still in my PJs, usually around my lunch break I’d actually take a shower and get dressed).


It wasn’t until I consciously decided to change routine that I realized what an energy drain my routine was. I was getting sucked into the mindless work (emails and social media) first thing in the morning, when that really should be my last. Why? Because it drained me instead of uplifting me. If I started draining myself first thing in the morning by checking email, it set the wrong tone for my entire day. I wanted to start my day off feeling bright, using that positive energy to carry me through all the work that needs to be done.

So taking all of that into account, my new routine looks like this:


-Wake up. This is 7pm at the latest, which is when my alarm clock goes off. I’m usually awake before it has a chance to go off.

-Drink sole. I keep this in a little tray on a bookcase near my bed so I don’t even have to go downstairs to get my first drink of water in the morning. Sole is a himalayan salt water infusion that helps with a multitude of things, but I use it because it helps stimulate the digestive track and helps detoxify the body, all while hydrating.


-While I’m drinking the sole, I usually sit in the bed, still under the covers (it’s chilly in the mornings!) and pet the cat hoard that has realized I’m awake and is now demanding attention. I also use this time to do a mental check in to how I’m feeling, both physically and emotionally. Do I feel like I got enough sleep? Did I have any dreams I want to write down? Any soreness or tightness in my body?

-Then I get out of bed, light a candle and some sage and meditate. Usually just for daily guidance. If there’s something going on in my life that I’m struggling with, I ask for guidance for that. 10 minutes usually does it.


-While I’m still in a semi-meditative state, I’ll get some physical guidance with my runes or a tarot deck. I’ll be honest, I tend to do this throughout the day and at first judged myself for it (no idea why!). For example, most of the time when I walk into my studio to start working, I’ll light a candle, some sage, and pull cards from my Moon Oracle deck (looooove that deck!). So in case you’re like me and you like to pull guidance cards from decks throughout the day, I am here to tell you it’s okay. We’re just checking in.


-Next I like to do a few sun salutations to warm up and do some light stretching. Usually a cat ‘helps’.


-By now my body is more awake and I’m starting to feel some hunger pains. I head downstairs where I brew my coffee or tea. Now the coffee just has coconut milk and the tea just has a teaspoon of raw honey. I’ll be honest, I’m still not used to the taste (it’s been about a month) but it’s getting more palatable. I used to put multiple tablespoons of sugar in my coffee/tea, so I know it will take some time to adjust. For breakfast, I like to eat things that I’ve planned and pre-cooked, simply because my brain doesn’t function well enough to cook until around lunchtime. An already baked sweet potato with an egg or some uncured bacon is one of my favorites.


What’s your morning routine like? Do you jump straight out of bed and run to the computer? Do you take some time to mindful and connect? Play around with it and see what feels best for you. I’d love to know what you discover, just leave a comment below!

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