Hi there moonbeams! First up, I want to say a big thank you for how supportive you all have been of the craziness as of late! With retrogrades always come changes and hiccups, and we are definitely in retrograde season. My second shop, Liber deStella, is off and running beautifully, and will slowly expand over the summer, along with it’s own stand alone website by the end of the year.

Part of my reasoning for separating out my book inspired jewelry and candles away from Bella deLuna Designs was that I wanted to devote this space to my more spiritual side. This space is where I can chat with you about gemstones, chakras, runes, mindfulness, and all around magic. And of course all things colorful and sparkly. ;)  I’m going to start devoting more time to crafting blog posts around just those subjects, and if you have anytime you’d like me to talk about, feel free to drop me a line.

In the meantime, I’ve created something I’d like to share with you! I’ve posted before about how I like to track the moon phases each month, alongside how I’m feeling, such as my energy level, mood or food cravings.

Now I’ve hand crafted a special printable lunar calendar just for you! Since this is a brand new thing, I’m including the first one (for May 2016) here, but going forward, the only way to get these monthly printables will to be on my mailing list.

moon calendar (3 of 3)You can click here to download your own copy of May’s lunar calendar.

Each calendar includes the four major moon phases (new, first quarter, full, last quarter) as well as the sign the moon is in for each four phases. I like to use the moon phases as a general guideline for my personal and business life that breaks down like this:

New Moon: I’m always using labradorite during this time for intention and goal setting. This is when I take the information I have from previous months and make a plan. I do a lot of dreaming and cat napping here, using vision boards to make my goal more concrete.

First Quarter: This is when the plan starts to get implemented. Actionable items are put on the calendar, meetings are scheduled and promotion starts to happen (seeds are planted!).

Full Moon: That thing you’ve been planning and getting the ball rolling on? Now is the time to complete it.

Last Quarter: This is when you look at what seeds you sowed that didn’t grow, and make adjustments for a new cycle. Release what you need to in order to rest and begin the cycle again.

moon calendar (1 of 3)

There is also some of the major retrograde information included (but not all, because at one point this month, we had five planets in retrograde - but the major players are there).

moon calendar (2 of 3)

I like use use the lunar calendar to track my mood each day - was I tired, depressed, hungry all day? Was I bouncing off the walls or having a hard time sleeping? Over the years of tracking this, I’ve found that I generally have more energy around the New Moon and am restless and anxious around the Full Moon.  And I created this for you! So if there is anything you’d like me to add or change, feel free to let me know!

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