So if you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know I’m obsessed with the moon. La luna shows up in a lot of my jewelry designs (like, a lot, lot) and I’m always annoying my husband with my need to take contact moon photos. Or the need to just stare out the window at the moon. Or go outside and stare at the moon. And all around just stare at the moon.

You get the idea. ;)

moon in the signs

As a moon lover, I’ve been tracking la luna and her cycles for many years now and I’ve learned a thing or two about how the different moon signs feel. Now that I’ve started creating monthly moon calendars for my newsletter subscribers, I thought I’d share some more details on how you can use the moon in the various signs for your benefit. Below are some quick and easy to understand guides of what the day might bring for you in with the moon in the signs.

Aquarius - This moon is all about connections and teamwork. Meetings, group activities and connecting with old friends are all in order. Your may find that you’re a little more intuitive.

Pisces - Sensitive Pisces moon usually means you’ll be feeling all the feelings and creative expression is always a good way to process them. You may be more tired an intuitive that normal, so be sure to rest and hide away. Dreams can also be heightened.

Aries - Hello fiery Aries moon! A lack of patience and a high drive tend to give way to lots of action. You’ll definitely want to get moving to burn off some of that extra energy, or else you may find your temper has more of a bite than usual.

Taurus - Slow down. Taurus moon is all about experiencing the sensual pleasures in life. Take care to enjoy the beauty around you and indulge in the small comforts, like flowers or a massage.

Gemini - The Gemini moon is a Chatty Cathy. Got emails to catch up on?  This talkative moon is perfect for that. There is usually a bit of restless energy that is good for multitasking.

Cancer - Moon in cancer is very tenderhearted and sensitive, which may bring out our defenses prematurely. You may feel the extra need to eat comfort foods, as well as comfort others. Take time to reflect and acknowledge your emotions.

Leo - Shine on Leo moon, shine on. This moon is all about the expressive flair that one would expect from a lion. Energy may be spontaneous, and definitely passionate. Watch out for that stubborn streak, though!

Virgo - Get your clean on! Moon in Virgo is a great time to do a deep cleaning of your home, organize your bills or sit down and make some to-do lists. Virgo moon may also mean you have a more difficult time hearing criticism.

Libra - The Libra moon tends to be very sociable and  pleasant. Libra is all about balance, so be sure to look out for what needs to out of balance in your life. Look for beauty around you and enjoy it.

Scorpio - Time to get a little dark. The Scorpio moon brings some serious (and sometimes cynical) introspection with it. Your shadow self may want to come out and play. Let it.

Sagittarius - Are you ready for some adventure? The restless Sagittarius moon is all about travel and exploration. Bringing some spontaneous energy, be ready for plans to change. Just go with it!

Capricorn - Slow and steady wins the race when the moon is in Capricorn. That goal may seem far away and out of reach, but just know one step at a time will get you there. Let this moon’s energy help you persevere and get down to business.
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