The theme of the May box was financial abundance and it included:

- Tumbled chrysocolla …….. $4

- Tumbled moss agate …….. $2

- Glass floating locket …….. $24

–  Mini flower press …….. $9

- New Moon in Gemini candle …….. $12

This month the New Moon is in Gemini  – on May 25 at 3:44 PM EST. And it’s a supermoon!

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth during its monthly orbit. Now because this is a New Moon supermoon, you won’t be able to see it, but you’ll probably feel it! Most folks say there is heightened energy during a supermoon, as well as a surplus of emotions.

This New Moon is in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Gemini also follows this, being associated with writing, speaking and thinking. The imagery of Gemini being twins? That’s due to Gemini also being the star sign of friendship and cooperation. Think kindred spirits and partnerships.

Heads up through – because Gemini can feel restless with plans or ideas that are set in stone, so the idea for this month’s intention would be something that will allow you the freedom to explore as the intention takes shape. Go for an intention that is organic, free and light, one that has room for change.

For example, maybe your intention could be to welcome more joy into your life. You’re not defining how that joy will come in or what it will look like, you’re giving joy the freedom to change shape as needed.

Or perhaps you set an intention to create more financial abundance and trust in the flow of money, but you don’t put a number to it or make claims on how that abundance will come about.

Chrysocolla (the blue stone) is a peaceful, soothing stone that is perfect for the Throat Chakra and helps facilitate wise communication. Perfect for helping you think before you speak and speaking from calm instead of anger or other rash emotions.

Moss agate is one of my favorite stones for gentle grounding. Its green hue tells you it’s an Earth stone and it helps to release fear, while soothing and improving your self-esteem.

As the weather is warming and the flowers are blooming, now would be a perfect time to take your New Moon rituals outdoors. Go take a walk somewhere there are flowers, and pick a few that call to you to put in your mini flower press. You can then put the dried flowers in your necklace.

If you’d like to take this a step further, pick a flower or flowers that correspond to your intention this month and put those flowers in your locket and wear it daily to remind you of your intention. Here is a good resource on the metaphysical properties of flowers:

You can also put gemstone chips or whatever corresponds to your intention into your locket – even a small piece of paper with your intention written on it!


Again, if you don’t follow me on Instagram already, now’s a great time, because I’ll probably on there a lot the day of the New Moon sharing insights and my rituals!

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