March 2018 Moon Forecast

You know that saying about March, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb? Well it’s definitely coming in roaring this month! As always when there is a lot going on in the cosmos, ground ground ground. And heads up, a Mercury Retrograde is coming on March 22.


Full Moon

March kicks off with a Full Moon on March 1 at 7:51 pm EST. AND another Full Moon (Blue Moon!) oon March 31 in Libra at 8:37 am EST.

This grounding earth Moon on March 1 will feel like a huge relief to many of us after the emotional water Pisces and Neptune have had us in the past couple of weeks. This Virgo Full Moon is asking us to use the discriminating and analytical Virgo eye to see how we can help heal. This Moon in Virgo wants to dig through the mess and find where we need to nourish and heal (Sun in Pisces). Where can we use our abilities to help heal ourselves and our world? The Sun in Pisces (and Neptune in Pisces) wants us to dream big here and really go all in, as Virgo loves to analyze detail and has a knack for taking big dreams and figuring out the steps to make them possible. This Full Moon is all about combining the dreams with reality and tapping into the Virgo Full Moon to make them happen.

The March 31 Full Moon is in Libra and occurs at 8:37 am EST.

Libra is all about relationships, and since Full Moons like to illuminate something, you may find that a new development about a relationship comes to the surface. Because of the attention on partnerships with this moon, it may be a little intense, but just take a page from the Libra book and talk it out and clear the air.  stickiest relationship drama.

Last Quarter Moon

March 9 in Sagittarius at 6:20 am EST is the Last Quarter Moon this month.

Take aim at what needs to be released and let go. With the Last Quarter Moon we are asked to release what no longer serves us, whether that be habits, relationships, physical spaces or mental stories we tell ourselves that are simply just not true and keep us living a limited life. Take stock of those beliefs and relationships now and use the true aim of the archer Sagittarius to release them with a well aimed arrow into the heavens. Like Elsa says, let it go!


New Moon

On March 17 at 9:12 am EST, the New Moon in Pisces occurs.

Calling all dreamers! This day is FULL of planets in water, so expect a highly emotional day. Plan for a day of dreaming (both day and night dreams!) and it’s also a good day for anything mystical or creative. Keep a dream journal by your bed and make sure to set time for a New Moon intention (and write it down!). And because Mercury Retrograde is right around the corner (beginning on March 22 you’ll want to go ahead and plan out your action steps for the upcoming First Quarter Moon.


First Quarter Moon

March 24 at 11:35 am EST is the First Quarter Moon in Cancer.

After the New Moon we’ve got even more water with this First Quarter Moon in Cancer. The First Quarter Moon is a time to take action on your New Moon intentions but you may not feel like it because of the Moon in Cancer, which really just wants to stay at home and spend time with family. So just go with how you’re feeling and don’t stress. The Moon enters Leo two days after the First Quarter Moon, and you can use that Leo energy to tackle those action steps then.


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I created a worksheet to help you keep track of the moon phases, along with your lunar intentions. Download your copy by clicking here or on the image below!





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