The theme of the March box was making a plan & taking action and it included:

- Fluorite pendulum ….. value $8

- Pendulum mat ….. value $5

- Tumbled carnelian ….. value $4

- Frankincense cone incense ….. value $8

- New Moon in Aries candle, scented with cedar, orange and ginger ….. value $12


The take action theme of this month’s box was not just because the New Moon is in Aries, but there are a lot of planets in Aries (have you noticed how fiery tempers have been lately?) so planning and taking action is a good way to channel some of that energy that can otherwise build into frustrations and lashing out.


The included carnelian and frankincense incense are both associated with passionate Aries, so they’re good aids for dealing with this sign.

The real star of this box is the fluorite pendulum and the pendulum mat. I’ve created a short video on how to use a pendulum, with or without a mat, and include some tips on how I use my pendulums.



Again, if you don’t follow me on Instagram already, now’s a great time, because I’ll probably on there a lot the day of the New Moon sharing insights and my rituals!

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