Do you find yourself looking up at the moon at night, feeling alone and out of balance?

Do you crave a life filled with abundance and celebration?

Do you desire to claim your own inner magic as your chart your course ahead?


Connect with your own inner power and intuition through the magic of the Moon.

Inside Lunar Intentions you will:

-Discover how to work with each phase of the Moon.

-Practice setting your very own New Moon intentions and create rituals that spark your inner joy.

-Understand how to call in more abundance and release negativity using the lunar energies.

-Learn what each zodiac sign brings to the table when the Moon moves through it (and how to use that to your advantage!)

Workbook pages within include simple, yet straightforward, examples that guide you step by step through the entire lunar cycle and how to use the magic of the moon for intention setting and manifestation work. Also included are enough journal pages for tracking a year’s worth of New Moon intentions so you can see your progress and you learn and grow.

Tap into your own inner power, and move with the magic of the moon with Lunar Intentions.

All the details: There are 70 pages of book with guidance and correspondence for each moon phase, zodiac sign, and a walk through step by step of how to set New Moon intentions, along with a few written examples and prompts. The rest of the 30 pages are journal spaces, including four pages at the end of the book for a year review. The journal spaces do not include pre-written dates or zodiac signs, but have spaces for you to fill them out so you can start journaling at any point during the year.

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