Launching During the New Moon vs. Full Moon

The thing I get asked most often in regards to the moon phases is the New Moon vs. the Full Moon, especially launching things, whether that be a product, project, or simply a new area of your life you want to have a ‘do-over’ with, such as debuting a new haircut or even starting a new job.

The answer is, well, it depends.

The New Moon is a great time for starting work on a long-term project, as it’s the time of intention setting for the long haul. Remember, when you set an intention at a New Moon, that Moon doesn’t come to completion until the Full Moon six months later. So you set an intention at the New Moon in Pisces and that intention will simmer and stir about in the Universe until the Full Moon in Pisces six months later. So that six months time frame is great for starting work on a book, course, or other large project.

In terms of launching with the New Moon, say something for sale or something new you want to debut, you may not want to launch things directly ON the New Moon. The New Moon is the time of darkness and even though you do set your intentions at the New Moon, that time frame does have an inward reflective feel about it. Try waiting a few days after the New Moon and launch while the Moon is waxing. Once the First Quarter Moon rolls around, it’s a great time to launch things, as that’s an action you’re taking to let the Universe know that you’re in this and willing to do the work.

If you really want whatever you’re launching to shine, that’s when you might want to launch on the Full Moon. The brightness of the Full Moon can really help illuminate whatever it is that you’re launching and bring a lot of visibility around it.

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