This month the New Moon is in Cancer – on June 23 at 10:30 PM EST. And it’s a supermoon, like last month!

A supermoon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to Earth during its monthly orbit. Now because this is a New Moon supermoon, you won’t be able to see it, but you’ll probably feel it! Most folks say there is heightened energy during a supermoon, as well as a surplus of emotions.

This New Moon is in Cancer, the sign of all things cozy, domestic and watery. Think family, nourishment (for both yourself and others) and food, but also the sensitivity and roller coaster emotions that come along with the crab. Cancer has a hard shell, but inside that soft interior, old wounds and grudges and harbor, so this is a good time to reflect and let go, if you can.

You may find  yourself wanting to retreat inwards during a Cancer New Moon, as well as eat comfort food, cook, and feel the urge to take care of those around you.

The Moon isn’t the only thing in Cancer right now – the Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in Cancer, and some like that better than others. The Moon is ruled by Cancer and is right at home, but Mars feels stifled by those emotional waters (Mars is fiery!). Meanwhile, Mercury in Cancer means that communication and thoughts will be based more on gut feelings rather than written or spoken words.  The Sun in Cancer means a light is shining on our emotions, and we may feel like we are on an emotional roller coaster ride. So lots of emotions!

So the June 2017 Nova Luna Box  includes:

- Rose quartz stretch bracelet

- Floral bath salts, from either Sam Wish or Bumble & Co

- Organic lip balm

- Desert rose

- New Moon in Cancer candle

Rose quartz is the ultimate heart chakra healing stone, helping enhance love for both yourself and others. Perfect for dealing with emotional, watery Cancer, as well as those old wounds that may be beneath your hard shell.

Desert rose is a variety of selenite. It is thought to bring about mental clarity, as well enhance intuitive perception. It helps quiet the mind and sooth worries. Desert rose (also known as sand rose, rose rock, selenite rose, gypsum rose and gypsum rosettes) has a gentle energy that reminds you that life flows, and has ups and downs, and it is worth all of it.

As a ritual on this New Moon, why not take a bath with your floral bath salts, perhaps with your rose quartz bracelet and desert rose nearby (be sure to keep the desert rose safe and dry – it does not like water!). Light your candle and meditate while in your bath on whichever of the following feels right to you: What nourishes me? What makes me feel safe? What emotions do I avoid and need to tend to? What old wounds am I ready to let go of?

Let the waters soothe your emotions and ground you with a sense of calm and peace. You could even do a little visual meditation if you feel called: picture yourself on a small boat in the middle of whatever water you prefer. You can feel the water moving around you, rocking the boat. But even with all the rocking and motion, you feel safe and content. Go as deep as you like here, picturing details of the boat and of your surroundings. What type of water are you on? Is it day or night? Are their clouds or is the sky clear? Are there any sea life or bird nearby? Let the waves of the water come an go, gently rocking you, but you know you’re still grounded and safe. Just like emotions may come and go, and they ripple around us in the world, we are centered, grounded and safe. We are protected.

When you’re done with your bath, be sure to trap that nourishing herbal water with your favorite after bath oil or lotion. Use your lip balm and let it remind you each time you use it that you’re worthy of self-care.



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