This month the New Moon is in Leo – on July 23 at 5:46 AM EST.

This New Moon is in Leo, the proud (and loud!) Lion of the zodiac. Ego and creativity can be heightened right now, as well as anger (think of those claws!). But Leo is also very loyal, protective, and doting on those closest. This is a time for get-togethers and socialization. You may even find yourself looking for the spotlight right now, just be sure not to push anyone out of the way to get there!

Mars and Mercury are also both in Leo right now, along with the Sun. This conjunction may mean that well laid plans are going to be shaken up, as egos reign supreme. Mars is much happier in Leo than it was in Cancer, and this placement means energy and passions are running high! Mars in Leo is ambition driven. But Mercury in Mars is all about creativity and confidence, which is the area of Leo we’re tapping into this month.

This month’s box revolves around that theme and includes:

- Tea from Luna Tea Co

- Gemstone cage necklace …….. $5

- Cracked quartz …….. $3

- Celestial tea infuser …….. $14

- New Moon in Leo candle …….. $12

The tea from Luna Tea Co is a warm, citrus based tea – all things bright and fiery, like our loyal Leo lion.

Brew your tea in your celestial infuser (use your favorite mug!) and as the tea steeps, take some time to think about where you could use a little creativity and play in your life right now? Do you need better work/life balance and could use some more literal play time to do things that bring you joy? Maybe you like to cook, garden or knit, and need to dedicate more time to those activities.

Or perhaps your work is getting a little ho-hum and boring, and you could bring a little more levity and play into your work environment. Add some colorful desk accessories, or invest in some fancy new stationary. Sometimes all you need to change up those work vibes and lighten things up is to take the time to rearrange your workspace. Journaling can also be a great way to take a look at what area of your life could use some more creativity and play.

Once you have an idea, take your cracked quartz and hold it in your hands. Visualize the area of your life you want to bring that Leo energy into, and what that would look like. Feel the quartz in your hand growing warmer as you charge it with your intention for this month’s lunar energy.

Place your cracked quartz into the cage necklace, so you can wear it and remind yourself of your intention. Feel free to do this ritual with any other gemstone that you have that you feel called to use! Some useful gems for calling in Leo energy are: Carnelian, Citrine, Garnet, Jasper, Amber, Peridot, Picasso Jasper, Pyrite, Ruby, Sunstone and Topaz

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