So I just have to start out by saying THANK YOU! I had expectations and thoughts regarding how Nova Luna would do starting out, knowing I would basically be relying on word of mouth to get the word out about this new venture I was taking. Imagine my surprise when the first box for Nova Luna, the January 2017 box, SOLD OUT!! So thank you so much!


But on to the January box!

The January Nova Luna box included:

- 2017 Lunar Tea Towel from Planetarium Design, perfect for keeping up with the moon phases this year ….. value $18

- Soapstone owl ….. value $6

- Tumbled amethyst, tumbled labradorite and clear quartz brandberg crystal point ….. value $30

- Palo santo stick with cedar tips ….. value $8

- New Moon in Aquarius candle, scented with lavender and chamomile ….. value $12

The theme of this month’s box was community healing, innovation and improvement, and the items included centered around that theme. The suggested ritual was to create a grid of your choosing with the owl and gemstones, and mediate / visualize healing and wisdom being brought to those that need it. I like to use the visual of Owl swooping around with a shimmering, purple light of healing, but use whatever visual works for you!

This is how my grid is set up. I chose to keep all my pieces together at my peace and prayer altar, but an alternative would be to keep some (or all!) of the pieces together with you as you work with this energy. This would be especially useful if you tend to carry stones with you anyway, and have a special pouch or purse you could keep them near you throughout the day.

Smudging the space.

Owl & gemstone grid.

Top down view of the grid.

The Secret To Manifestation

Now the big thing that tends to be forgotten with any manifestation work, whether it’s done during the New Moon or not, is that it’s not a one and done thing. The big secret behind the tools is that they help remind you of what you are manifesting and the feelings behind it. The tools keep the feelings at the forefront of the work, and keep you reminded of those feelings day after day. That is the key behind manifestation.

Now I’m about to refer to whatever you’re trying to manifest as ‘the thing’ as a blanket statement. Feel free to replace ‘the thing’ with whatever it is you’re manifesting. And it doesn’t have to be physical! It can be a feeling (as long as it’s yours) or a state of being (such as balanced).

You must take what you are trying to manifest and not only see it in your mind’s eye, but you need to see it as it’s already happened. What does that thing look like in your life? How do you feel having it? What did it change for you? (I’m purposely using past tense here - you really need to visualize and feel it as though it has already happened). Having this thing - what emotions does it bring up for you? Does it alight all your cells with love? Are you vibrating with joy? Are you grinning from ear to ear?

When doing this visualization work, a great tool to use is to pick something that came in that month’s Nova Luna that you can easily hold in your hand, such as a gemstone (or in this month’s case, the owl). Hold it in your hand while visualizing the thing being in your life and feeling the feelings that come along with it. That way, it can be a reminder of already having the thing and the feelings you associate with it. So be sure to place it where you will see it daily, or carry it with you. You need to take a few minutes each day to tap into that space of already having the thing and feeling the feelings of having it.


A Note On Themes

Even though each month’s box will have a theme, you don’t have to work on manifesting something within that them if you don’t feel called to. Would something within the theme of community healing, innovation and improvement pack extra mojo during this upcoming Aquarius New Moon? You bet it would! But that isn’t to say that using the included tools to manifest the funds to go to that yoga class you want to try wouldn’t be powerful as well.

The themes are there to help guide you if you need it, and also a way to help you feel the difference in the energy swirling about each month, as each New Moon has a different flavor. Even a Leo New Moon compared to another Leo New Moon will differ slightly, based on what else is happening in the cosmos.


And that’s it for now! I do have lots of ideas swirling about regarding how I can best support you with Nova Luna, without overwhelming you with too much information. Some thoughts are videos of me using the tools, Facebook Live videos, and even a private Facebook group. I’ll keep mulling over these ideas, and as always, if you have feedback, send it my way at sara AT belladeluna DOT com


Missed out on the January Nova Luna box? For a limited time, you can snag one of the moon phase tea towels that was in the box here! You can also subscribe to Nova Luna here.

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