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I love baths. L-O-V-E. Like there is a serious obsession with them. Baths are my downtime, my alone time, my relax time. Plus with my homemade bath salts, they are also the perfect way to revive my tired muscles, soften and hydrate my dry skin or just simply relax my mind. Wondering how to make your own bath salts? Read on for all my secrets!

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So first, you need to gather all your ingredients. What I have shown is the bare minimum and the perfect place to start. You’ll need some basic tools… a mixing bowl and some measuring cups and spoons. As far as the ingredients for your salts you have options and it’s up to you where you begin.

You’ll need salt. And there are lots of kinds of salts. You can just use one type of salt or mix them up. I like to mix mine, depending on what my needs are. Some of my tried and true favorites are:

-Pink Himalayan Salt:   In my experience, this salt is THE salt to soften your skin. Anytime I mix up a bath salt with this, I can’t. stop. touching. my. skin. It get so soft. And there are other things you can add to your bath salt for more skin softness goodness!

-Dead Sea Salt: If you’re looking to purify and heal your skin, this is for you. Perfect for dry itchy skin (especially if you add colloidal oatmeal). I love to use this anytime my eczema flares up.

-Epsom Salt: While not actually salt, this stuff is what your body needs after a long day running around or a serious gym workout. This will sooth your tired muscles and help you recover faster.


You’ll also need some herbs. There are so many herbs you can use, so I’m just going to cover my favorites here.

-Lavender: The relaxation herb. Want to get a good night sleep? Take a bath before bed with lavender bath salts.

-Rose: Have you noticed all those beauty products that contain rose? That’s because rose is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and it softens and tones the skin.

-Sage: Sage is antibacterial, and so it helps with skin inflammation, such as eczema or acne.

-Passionflower: Another calming herb.

-Eucalyptus: Perfect for cold and flu season.

-Chamomile: Pairs beautifully with lavender for a nighttime relaxation bath.

-Marigold: Also known as Calendula. Perfect for soothing irritated skin.

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Here I have pink Himalayan salt and dead sea salt, along with lavender, rose petals, sage and passionflower. There really is no perfect ratio of salt to herbs that you should stick to, so please feel free to play around and find what works best for you, but I tend to stick to the following:

-3 cups salt. So here I have 1.5 cups of both. Your salts don’t have to be equal portions, either. If I had a gym day, my ratio might be 2 cups epsom salt and 1 cup dead sea salt.

-1/4 cup herbs. I used four herbs in this blend, so that come out to be 1 tablespoon of each herb. Again, feel free to play around because your herbs don’t have to be all equal portions.


Put all your ingredients into a bowl and mix away. It’s as simple as that! To use, just as a cup of your mixture to your bath. You can add more or less depending on preference. For easy clean up, I like to put my bath salts in a muslin bag, instead of straight into the tub. Otherwise, I’d have herb and flower bits floating all around and getting into everything. I generally use a drawstring bag like the one below, and hang it from the faucet while the bathtub is filling up.


Want to experiment even further with your bath salts? Keep reading!


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There are lots of other ingredients you can add to your bath salts for specific purposes, some that I’ve already mentioned.

Essential Oils: feel free to add 10-15 drops of essential oils to your bath salts. Just be sure that you’re adding oils that won’t irritate your skin. For example, I can’t use peppermint oil or herbs to my salts, as my skin gets irritated.

-Powdered Milk: this is a great way to add some skin softening to your bath. Just treat the powdered milk like you would salt. And there are lots of different powdered milks! Play around and find one that suits you.

-Colloidal Oatmeal: perfect for dry, itchy skin. Again, just treat the oatmeal like you would salt. And while you can used rolled oats, it won’t have the same soothing effect on your skin. Rolled oats are used as an exfoliant.

-Food coloring: if you really want to, you can go crazy and add a few drops of food coloring to your salts to color them. I generally don’t because they tend to stain the bathtub. And I really don’t feel like cleaning the tub after every bath. :)


Also, here are some suggestions as to where to purchase your ingredients. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies, I’ve just used them in the past and love them:

From Nature With Love

Mountain Rose Herbs

Salt Works

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