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Gemstones for Your Office Space

I do love gemstones. Always have. Even when I was a child and just thought they were pretty. I’ve written about the ways to use gemstones for your entryway and bedroom and thought it was time to chat about gemstones for your office space. These stones work for both a home office and a corporate office.


First up, I always keep a pendulum on my desk for aiding in decision making (I also keep one in my purse and one on my meditation altar). I use it for simple questions when I just can’t tune in to my intuition. Questions like ‘is today the perfect time to publish this blog post’ or ‘should I go meet with so and so today’ are the types of questions I’ll ask.


Oh citrine, I could write a sonnet to you. Citrine is one of my favorite stones for good reason. It’s a powerhouse manifestation crystal, but it also enhances creativity, energy and strength of will. Plus it’s golden yellow color just makes me happy! Citrine reminds me to be open and let things flow (money included!). Citrine is the stone of the sun, and it’s yellow hue brings energy and vibrancy to it’s surroundings, increasing positivity.


The next set of stones are kept in a little bowl on my desk. It’s what I find works best for me in place of gridding since I have four cats who think gemstones are toys. ;)


Need a energy boost? Grab a carnelian. I have a carnelian bracelet that I use for this very purpose. I grab it whenever I need to to be out and about. Having one on my desk works pretty much in the same way. Carnelian also gives my confidence a little boost and picks up that ‘can do’ attitude. Carnelian is also a creativity inspiring stone and helps you find the balance between inspiration and mental clarity to get the project done.

-Lapis Lazuli

Enhance your queenly prowess and self-confidence in your work with the stone that was a favorite of Cleopatra herself. I have always loved lapis lazuli and the gold flecks (which are pyrite) make me think of stars. My lapis stone on my desk is heart shaped, to add a little extra self-love in the mix. Lapis lazuli being a blue stone, also helps with intuition and clear thinking.

-Smoky Quartz

This beauty will helps protect you from stress - electromagnetic as well as that from other people. Definitely a must if you work environment is stressful or you work in an open space. Smoky quartz will help you not feel so bombarded. Smoky quartz is also a grounding stone, but it’s not too heavy. It’s energy, while grounding, is also uplifting as it works to transmute negative energies to positive ones.


Shungite is a more recent addition to my collection. Shungite is a wonderful protection stone, as it prevents the build up of negative energies. Snungite also balances chakras, and like smoky quartz, protects you from electromagnetic radiation. Shungite (and smoky quartz) are great for keeping near your computer for that reason. Some folks find this grounding stone to be peaceful and relaxing.

-Rainforest Jasper

Also known as rhyolite, this is one of my favorite stones for grounding when I’m feeling a little down. Rainforest jasper has such a gentle, cheerful energy. This stone connects your to Mama Nature but also has such a happy, joyful vibe that I like keeping it around. It’s also a wonderful stone for dealing with confrontation, as it’s naturally balancing. It also aids in eliminating procrastination tendencies.



Pyrite looks like gold, right? It’s also known as ‘fool’s gold’ and for reasons other than it’s glamorous looks. It’s one mega abundance and wealth stone. It’s also great for your office space as it’s inspiring and helps fight mental fatigue and increase mental clarity. It also boosts ambition and perseverance. Another bonus? Pyrite helps to boost your self-confidence.


Also known as the soul path stone, fluorite helps you see your true path, and it helps clear the environment of negative energy. Perfect if you deal with negative or unhappy people in your line of work. Also helps to make decisions and increases mental clarity. Fluorite is also a protection stone, in the psychic sense.



Do you keep gemstones in your office space? Which ones do you love? I’d love to hear all about it, just leave a note in the comments!

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