Gemstones for the Entryway {Gemstones at Home Series}

Welcome to the second part of my Gemstones at Home series, Gemstones for the Entryway! You can find Part 1 here, Gemstones for the Bedroom.


When you first walk into my home, you’re in a hallway and this table is pretty much the first thing you see. The books are a little bit of a joke between me and my husband… the bottom book is ‘Taxation of Individual Income’ and the top two are ‘Mermaids: The Myths, Legends and Lore‘ and ‘Fairies: The Myths, Legends and Lore‘. Why is this a joke? Because Sam (my husband) and I say that these books are the sum of us. He is an accountant and I’m doing my best to still look at the world like I did when I believed in fairies and mermaids (pssst… I not so secretly still do!). So having these books at the beginning of our home are our way of saying ‘hey, this is what you’re walking into! This is us!’. We like that. :)

On top of the books are a pine scented candle for some grounding and sense of earth protection, and a beautiful amethyst geode. I have little bits of amethyst everywhere, because I feel like it’s the best healing and calming stone. I tend to be very workaholic driven and I love amethyst for helping to calm my racing mind, so it’s pretty much in every room of the house.



On the other side of the table, there is the wood slice with my selection of gemstones chosen for our entryway. Because folks have to walk pass this table to enter our home, and therefore also walk past these gemstones, most of these are clearing and protection stones that help to keep the negative energy out of our house. But I also have some energy and creativity generating stones. Starting from the bottom left and working the way to the right and then back up:

  • Tiger’s Eye: A stunning protection stone. I loved this stone way back when I was just a child and had no clue of it’s metaphysical properties. Probably one of my first stones I ever collected. Have you seen Practical Magic? Remember when Gillian raced to her car looking for her Tiger’s Eye when she was trying to run from Jimmy? There was truth to that! Tiger’s Eye is the totem stone of the goddess Athena and helps you strategize, plan and engage with your power.
  • Black Onyx: A great stress reliever, this stone also purifies thoughts, helping you think more positively, raising your vibration.
  • Black Tourmaline: Considered by many to be THE protection stone, it’s also wonderful for grounding and removing negativity. Many folks like to either place black tourmaline at the four corners of their house, or if they can, the four corners of their property, to create a protection grid.
  • Healer’s Stone: This stone is pyrite and magnetite and is also known as Healer’s Gold. It protects against electromagnetic pollution and helps to bring decisive wisdom and action to our lives. The pyrite in the stone attracts abundance and energy.
  • Black Kyanite: Aligns your chakras and has a calming effect. Aids in communication and working through disagreements. I love keeping this stone here to promote communication not only between myself and my husband, but with any family members or friends that¬† may come over as well.
  • Smoky Quartz Sphere: Well known for not only it’s protective qualities, but also it’s ability to remove negative energies, this is my go to purification stone. Keeping a piece of it near your front door helps purify your home.
  • Citrine Smoky Quartz Generator: Like smoky quartz, this stone transmutes negative energies into positive ones while the citrine draws in abundance and prosperity, aiding in your manifestation work. The generator shape helps focus that energy.
  • Ganesha Statue: Ganesha is a Hindu deity most known as the remover of obstacles. I have small Ganesha statues throughout my home, but I placed this brass statue at the entrance to my home (and beside my Citrine Smoky Quartz Generator) to aid in removing obstacles and blocks surrounding what my husband and I are trying to manifest together for our home and future life. I also use this statue as a reminder to let things go as I enter our home, and not bring any unwanted energy inside with me.


There are lots of different stones you could use besides these for your entryway! You could create a grid, or just keep the stones in a bowl. You could add Blue Tiger’s Eye for stress relief, Unakite Jasper if you have children and want to help balance emotions in your home, or Chrysocolla to open up communication in your home.


I’d love to see what you come up with your for entryway gemstones! Feel free to leave a comment or let me know on social media!


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