February 2018 Moon Forecast

Are you ready for change? Because eclipse season is officially kicked off (from the January 31 lunar eclipse) and the solar eclipse on February 15 is going to pack even more of a punch.

Heads up, on February 18, Mercury enters Pisces, so communications may get a little tricky then, as emotional Pisces can muddy up the communication waters. Over the next few weeks, communications may be unclear and vague, and folks may not always mean what they say (or say what they mean).


Full Moon

There is actually no Full Moon in February! January had two Full Moons (the 1st and 31st), and March will see two Full Moons as well.


Last Quarter Moon

February 7 in Scorpio at 10:54 am EST is the Last Quarter Moon this month.

The Moon in Scorpio wants you to let go, and now that this is the last quarter (waning) moon, it’s the perfect time to release old habits that aren’t serving you. Scorpio is also great for learning about mysticism, shamanism, or any other occult area you wish to study. The sign of mystery, death, and sexuality, Scorpio can be a bit broody. Just remember to use your power for the highest good of all, as the the murky Scorpio waters can lead to some intense power plays when we let the ego run the show. Because of the series of eclipses coming up (one in February, and one in August), you’ll want to use this time now to go ahead and prepare by letting go of what you know you no longer need. Letting go of what has gone bad, or is no longer serving you, helps to make room for the new. And with eclipses, sometimes if you haven’t been doing the work, haven’t been clearing out your closets (both physically and emotionally), they’ll do it for you, and life situations will occur that force you to let go of something. Usually it’s something you knew you needed to let go of. So take this week to really sit in silence and see if there is anything you need to let go of. Meditate and ask your guides to help you.


New Moon

On February 15 at 4:05 pm EST, the New Moon in Aquarius occurs. This New Moon is also a Partial Solar Eclipse, meaning the moon is between the sun and earth, but not exactly aligned, so the moon only covers part of the sun. Like last month’s lunar eclipse, expect this New Moon to hold a lot of energy.

This New Moon / Solar Eclipse in Aquarius singles a time of positive change and freedom, with innovating Aquarius encouraging us to think outside of the box and be ourselves. New ideas will sprout and communication will play a key part, as the Moon is only a few degrees away from Mercury at this time. Expect to see some news this week involving women’s rights, health and possibly the #MeToo movement.


First Quarter Moon

February 23 at 3:09 am EST is the First Quarter Moon in Gemini. This moon is excellent for multi-tasking, and catching up on any communications you need to get to (calls, texts, emails, even old school letter writing). Gemini also loves to chat so it’s a good time for social activities, and activities that involve a group of people. Not a fan of groups? Catch up on a documentary you’ve been meaning to watch, or curl up with the latest book you’ve been wanting to read.



Check out if you’ll be able to see the eclipse in your area here.

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I created a worksheet to help you keep track of the moon phases, along with your lunar intentions. Download your copy by clicking here or on the image below!




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